25 January 2023

Throughout the last week, the National Scout Training Centre has been full of energy, youth, and the spirit of togetherness as the 32nd Asia-Pacific and the 11th National Scout Jamboree have started since 19 January. Thousands of jubilant scouts from Bangladesh and other Asia-Pacific countries have transformed the lush forests of Gazipur into camping sites where they sing, dance, talk, dine and take on challenges collectively. Early morning assemblies at the camps have also echoed with thousands vowing to fight corruption.

“...I shall strive to resist discrimination and exploitation against people. I shall always try to actively participate in all initiatives aimed at mobilizing anti-corruption social movements in Bangladesh.” (A line from TIB’s Anti-Corruption Oath)

Thousands of scouts took TIB’s anti-corruption oath during their morning assemblies in multiple phases, in unison with trainers, camp chiefs, teachers, volunteers and foreign guests. Many took home copies of the oath to spread it among their peers.

As part of the programmes, TIB also provided ten thousand wristbands with the slogan “Together Against Corruption” to scouts participating in the Jamboree. Scouts stationed in four villages spread across the training grounds received wristbands in four different colours – orange, red, green, and blue. The scouts have proudly displayed wristbands daily during their regular activities, which is an encouraging reminder that corruption can only be uprooted if the youth raise their voices against it.

Additionally, TIB has set up an interactive stall at the Jamboree’s Global Development Village (GDV), where trainers, scouts, volunteers, and locals can visit the makeshift Anti-Corruption Cartoon Exhibition. The anti-corruption message of the exhibition attracts many to the stall, and it has turned into an attractive location for taking photos. Young scouts have reached out to know what TIB does and how it helps solve governance challenges in Bangladesh. Young children visiting the stalls have also gathered to take pictures with the TIB scout mascot cut-out, where the tiger proudly displays the message – STOP CORRUPTION NOW!

The 32nd Asia-Pacific and the 11th National Scout Jamboree is hosting 11,000 people, including 8,000 scouts, 1,000 unit leaders, and International Service Team members from India, Nepal, the Maldives, the Philippines, Scout China (Taiwan), Thailand, South Korea, USA, UK, Germany, and Canada.

The massive gathering of scouts from home and abroad started on 19 January and will continue till 27 January with the theme ‘Sabash... a fountain of energy’. The Scout Jamboree is held every four years at the national level, and international gatherings are held in phases across the globe.