Investigative Journalism Awards

Transparency International Bangladesh (TIB) has been actively promoting investigative journalism in Bangladesh through its Investigative Journalism Awards program, which was initiated in 1999. The awards aim to recognize and encourage journalists who contribute to uncovering corruption, promoting transparency, and holding those in power accountable.

The awards program has evolved over the years to encompass various categories, reflecting the changing landscape of journalism and media in Bangladesh. In 2005, TIB added a category for television reports, acknowledging the impact of visual storytelling in investigative journalism. Two years later, a category for local newspapers was introduced to recognize the outstanding investigative work published in regional and local newspapers. In 2011, TIB added a category for camerapersons, acknowledging their crucial role in capturing impactful visuals and supporting investigative journalists. In 2016, TIB introduced the Television Media (Documentary) category, recognizing the unique power of documentaries to delve deep into complex issues, providing in-depth analysis and exposing corruption and wrongdoings.

The TIB Investigative Journalism Awards have played a significant role in shaping the media landscape in Bangladesh and inspiring journalists to pursue truth and expose corruption in the public interest. By expanding the award categories over time, TIB has effectively acknowledged the diverse forms of media and journalism that contribute to the fight against corruption.

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