TIB Internship

TIB Intern

TIB’s Internship program is aimed at facilitating exposure, awareness and sensitization of the Interns to the key issues and challenges in the areas of TIB’s work, and to TIB’s approach and programs in addressing the same. TIB Internship is also designed as a learning opportunity for would-be professionals on specific aspects of TIB’s on-going activities such as research, grassroots level citizens engagement, advocacy & campaign and organizational effectiveness.

A learner – usually a student - who is granted an affiliation with TIB for hands-on experience of work for a limited period with no salaries or benefits other than the allowance indicated hereinafter is called TIB Intern. The Internship in TIB may or may not be related to a Degree program that the Intern may be enrolled in at the time of Internship.


Students enrolled in final year Masters or equivalent level or post-Masters studies in a recognized university, or who have finished such studies but are not currently employed in a full-time job, may apply directly or through appropriate authority of the University for a position of Internship in TIB. Candidates must be within the age limit of 27 years and should have good academic record – at least one first division/class or equivalent results and no third division or class throughout academic career. Good knowledge of problems of governance in Bangladesh, communication skill in both Bangla and English and computer literacy would be of advantage.

You can find our Internship Policy here.

Internship Policy


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