Youth Engagement And Support (YES)

Youth Engagement and Support (YES) groups are associated with CCCs. They aim to raise awareness among young people about the anti-corruption movement and instil good citizenship values such as honesty, integrity, ethics, patriotism, and social responsibility. In total, there are 61 Youth Engagement and Support (YES) groups, with 45 working under the Committee of Concerned Citizens (CCC) and the remaining 16, known as Dhaka YES, under the direct supervision of the TIB office in Dhaka. YES groups are individuals between 15 and 25 who participate in various activities and programs alongside the CCCs. These activities allow the young generation to learn about volunteerism and develop skills as future leaders in the anti-corruption movement. With their creative, energetic and innovative approach, YES members are emerging as influential agents for change and gaining the commitment, courage and leadership qualities necessary to expand and bolster the anti-corruption cause.

Major activities of YES groups are-

  • Conduct awareness and motivational campaigns to strengthen the anti-corruption constituency at the respective command area of CCC or the affiliating institution;
  • Identify corruption and irregularities in selected institutions in education, health and local government and take part in collecting information and conducting research/report card surveys;
  • Take part together with CCCs in different initiatives to campaign for accountable and transparent governance;
  • Organise and take part in various national activities organised by TIB, such as national and regional conventions and campaigns, essay, debate and cartoon competitions, rallies, seminars, etc.;
  • Organise study circles and peer-learning discussion sessions on issues related to corruption and governance;
  • Observe national and international days of importance, including International Anti-Corruption Day;
  • Organise and conduct the AI-Desk campaigns, including mobile (satellite) services; information disclosure services, mainly aimed at enforcement of the Right to Information Act, strengthening the demand side of disclosure and openness by organising various appropriate activities such as Information Fairs, training for information seeking, etc., and
  • Write anti-corruption articles, stories and features in their magazines and local and national newspapers.

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