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Executive Summary on Readymade Garment Sector study

The readymade garment Sector plays an important role in the economic development of Bangladesh. As our biggest foreign currency earner, this sector accounted for 79.63% of the total exports in the fiscal year 2012-2013. It made up 10% of the country’s GDP that year, and if the supplementary industries are considered, that share was almost 14-15%. Two thirds of country’s labour force (approximately 4 million) is engaged in this sector, of which almost 85% are women. It is the biggest formal sector employer in the country and is considered the backbone of the economy. The economic success of this sector, however, does not reflect the overall scenario prevailing in this sector. Numerous financial and policy incentives from the government have failed to ensure the rights and safety of the workers, who are the driving force of this sector. Unsafe and unhealthy working conditions and social compliance gaps have been hindering the progress of the Sector.

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