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Full Report on NICSA Study (English)


One of the key strategic areas of TIB’s research has always been the institutions of democracy and specialized pillars of governance and accountability, which constitute the National Integrity System (NIS), a collective of institutions and practices that are crucial to maintaining integrity and accountability in government, non-government and private sector. We have conducted a series of research, surveys and diagnostic studies on many such institutions, by which we have not only created demand, but also catalysed a number of significant legal, institutional and policy changes.
Against this background, the present study, the first ever effort to diagnose and analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the national integrity system in Bangladesh with a comprehensive approach is expected to add great value for stakeholders for some reasons.
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Policy briefs:
Policy brief on Parliament
Policy brief on Executive
Policy brief on Judiciary
Policy brief on Public Administration (bureaucracy)
Policy brief on Local Government
Policy brief on Police (law enforcement agency)
Policy brief on Comptroller and Auditor General (supreme audit institution)
Policy brief on Election Commission
Policy brief on Anti-Corruption Commission
Policy brief on National Human Rights Commission
Policy brief on Information Commission
Policy brief on Political Parties
Policy brief on Civil Society
Policy brief on Media
Policy brief on Business