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The position of TIB's Board of Trustees in view of the various reactions, follwing the release of Parliament Watch report on 25 October, 2015 (English)

Attention has been drawn of the Transparency International Bangladesh’s (TIB) Board of Trustees to discussions held in the Parliament on 9 November and various other reactions and comments reported in the media following the publication of the report on “Parliament Watch” on 25 October through a press conference on 25 October.
The Board firmly believes that the said report, like the previous ones in the series, is completely objective, information and research-based which are drawn from sources such as the Parliament Secretariat, direct observation of sessions in the Parliament and live broadcast by Bangladesh Television.
The facts and analyses presented in the reports truly reflected the prevailing realities. However, if some members of Parliament are aggrieved by any part of the report or comment of the Executive Director, this has happened, we believe, only due to misunderstanding.
The sole objective of TIB’s Parliament Watch report is to play a catalyst’s role in enhancing the prestige and image of the Parliament by improving its effectiveness. TIB’s work is not in any manner intended to undermine the institutional dignity and credibility of the National Parliament. Rather, studies in this series and related advocacy are aimed at contributing towards measures that would meet expectations of the people of Bangladesh to whom belong all powers of the Republic and thereby towards increasingly higher levels of public trust and respect to this highest body of public representation.
Advocate Sultana Kamal
Chairperson, Board of Trustees, TIB