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Coal and LNG-based Power Projects in Bangladesh: Governance Challenges and the Way Ahead

Power and energy is a nationally important sector of Bangladesh. Given the urgency of the demand, power generation and supply is a top priority of the government. Conservation and improvement of the environment and biodiversity are among the fundamental principles of the state policy as delineated in the Constitution of Bangladesh (Article 18-A). However, in reality, coal and LNG-based (Liquefied Natural Gas) power projects are implemented in ecologically critical and endangered areas. As a signatory of the Paris Agreement, Bangladesh has pledged to reduce Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions and promote renewable energy, which are denoted as the pre-requisites of Sustainable Development Goals (SDG 7 and 13). But the relevant official policies and practices of the government and relevant projects undertaken in the sector do not fully comply with these commitments.

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