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ACA Study

Anti-Corruption Agency Strengthening Initiative Assessment Of The Bangladesh Anti-Corruption Commission 2016.


 Transparency  International  Bangladesh  (TIB)  has  been  working  with  the  mission of  catalysing  an  effective  and  sustained  social  movement  against  corruption  in Bangladesh.  As  part  of  this,  TIB  has  been  conducting  research  and  undertaking advocacy initiatives on selected sectors and institutions of public interest with the objective  of  contributing  towards  improving  their  governance  and  anti-corruption capacity  through  policy  and  institutional  reforms  based  on  research  findings  and  recommendations.

Anti-Corruption  Agencies  (ACAs)  are  specialized  institutions  within  the  national  integrity  system  mandated  to  control  and  prevent  corruption.  It  is  imperative  that  ACAs  operate    independently,  transparently,  accessibly,    accountably  and  effectively and enjoy public trust. They must have the legal mandate and institutional strength  to  operate  with  the  reputation  of  efficiency,  impartiality,  objectivity  and  professionalism.

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