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Government That Works: Workshop held on 4-5 December 1996

Government That Works: Workshop held on 4-5 December 1996

Transparency International and TI-B participated in the National Workshop on "Government That Works : Public Sector Management Reforms". A Paper was presented by the Chairman of TI-B at the session entitled Enchancing Transparency & Reducing Corruption. The session was chaired by Begum Motia Chowdhury, Minister for Agriculture, Food, Relief & Disaster Management. Michael H. Wiehen of TI also made a detailed contribution by way of comments on the specific recommendations of the World Bank Report 'Government That Works: Reforming the Public Sector'. TI and TI-B would fully support the following recommendations: the establishment of a Task Force, representing the society at large, to study the anti-corruption issues; the appointment of an Ombudsman; the strengthening of the Public Accounts Committee; the disclosure of assets and income by the elected and appointed officials; transparency in procurement and the reduction of regulatory requirements, among others.

TI would also encourage the adoption of the Island of Integrity Concept which would require the Government to set the rules of integrity including sanctions against the offending bidders.

TI expressed reservation regarding the creation of an oversight body for the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) as the Bureau itself is operating from within the bureaucracy and, therefore, cannot be effective. TI would recommend the creation of a truly independent body following the model of Hong Kong's Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC). TI also urges the Government to separate the accounting and auditing functions of the Controller and Auditor General Office and amend the present Official Secrets Act. Finally, the Government could publicly show its commitment to greater transparency by announcing an Award for Honest.