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Employment of Expatriates in Bangladesh: Governance Challenges and Way-out

People of different capabilities move to other parts of the world to meet up the gap between the demand and supply of their technical and managerial knowledge. Developing countries with emerging markets usually attract more competent professionals to fill-up the assumed void of required technical and managerial knowledge. In course of gradual economic development of Bangladesh, the number of expatriates working here are also growing. Bangladesh is well known for international migration – on one hand it is the 6th largest origin of international migrants in 2019,  while on the other hand a large number of foreign nationals are also working in Bangladesh. 
Historical data of sectoral contribution to gross-domestic product (GDP) of Bangladesh suggests that it is gradually moving from an agrarian to an industrial economy. The share of agriculture in the GDP declined from 31% in 1985 to 14% in 2018. In contrast, the share of the service sector increased from 49% to 52%, and the share of industry increased from 19% to 33% during the same period. 
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