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Dhaka Integrity Dialogue-2:
Climate Finance and Governance in South Asia
18-19 September 2017
Concept Note
It is estimated that by 2050, 150 million people of the world may become environmentally displaced due to coastal flooding, river bank erosion, drought and agricultural inversion.1Though climate change is a global phenomenon, it has its regional dimension too. South Asia, as a region, is significantly susceptible to climate change induced risks and vulnerabilities. The Climate Risk Index 2017 ranks Bangladesh and two other South Asian countries2 are amongst 10 most vulnerable countries, affected by the impacts of weatherrelated loss (storms, floods, heat waves etc.)3. SDG13 is a pledge to strengthen resilience and human and institutional capacity on climate change mitigation, adaptation through effective integration of measures to combat climate change into national policies, planning and strategies 
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Program Schedule
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List of Speakers
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Speaker's Profile

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# Plenary Session 1:
    Presentation byDr. Mizan R. Khan
    Presentation byDr. Fazle Rabbi Sadeque Ahmed
    Presentation byMr. Sandeep Roy Choudhury
# Plenary Session  2:
    Presentation byMr. Santosh Patnaik
    Presentation byMr. Sunil Acharya
    Presentation byMr. Mohammad Aatish Khan
# Plenary Session 3:
    Presentation byDr. Mani Nepal
    Presentation byProfessor Dr. M. Shamsul Alam
# Plenary Session  4:
    Presentation byMs. Shaziya Ali
    Presentation byMr. Gulam Mohiuddin
    Presentation byDr. Kazi Maruful Islam
    Presentation byMr. Ian Tellam
# Plenary Session  5:
    Presentation byMs. Megan Darby
    Presentation byMohammad Iftekhar Hossain
    Presentation by   M. Zakir Hossain Khan  in favor ofMr. Abraham 'Abe' Sumalinog 
    Presentation byMs. Firdaus Ara Hussain
# Plenary Session 6:
    Presentation byDr. Timothy Mark Cadman
    Presentation byM. Zakir Hossain Khan
    Presentation byMs. Nurun Nahar
# Plenary Session 7:
    Presentation byKevork Baboyan
    Presentation byMr. Mohammad Monirul Islam
Participant’s Guide
TI Bangladesh is very happy to welcome you to Bangladesh as part of the Dhaka Integrity Dialogue-2: Climate Finance and Governance in South Asia. 
In case of emergency on arrival or during your stay, please contact Rezwan ul-Alam, Director, Outreach and Communication on +880 171 3065012.
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Photo Gallery

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Integrity Dialogue on Climate Change Adaptation Finance:
Transparency, Accountability and Participation
29-31 March 2016
Concept Note
By 2050, 150 million people of the world including 27 million Bangladeshis may become environmentally displaced due to coastal flooding, bank erosion, drought and agricultural inversion. Adaptation to climate change risk is already putting additional strain on development efforts in countries like Bangladesh, which in turn is expected to significantly raise social, economic and environmental costs. 
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Photo Gallary
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