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Thousands of volunteers renew plight to resist corruption with awakened conscience: Nine Point recommendations placed to build corruption-free Bangladesh

Thousands of anti-corruption volunteers under TIB-inspired activists’ groups - the Committees of Concerned Citizens (CCC), Swajan, Youth Engagement and Support (YES) and YES Friends, Young professionals against Corruption (YPAC) flocked to Bangabandhu International Conference Centre (BICC) on 26 February 2018 to attend the 9th National Convention and renewed their pledges to effectively battle corruption both personally and collectively with the theme: ‘Together against Corruption’.
A declaration was read out at the end of the Convention where several pledges were made which included being together to build well-governed and democratic Bangladesh with effectively resisting corruption from all the levels. The notable nine point recommendations to build corruption-free Bangladesh made at the declaration, among others were, establish rule of law, practice of accountability and democracy to ensure equal rights for each and every citizens with demands such as build effective, accountable and transparent institutions at all levels; ensure effective, accountable and transparent public service delivery at grassroots; right to information, free flow of information and freedom of media; compassion towards transparency, participation and environment of national development; initiatives for bringing public trust towards economic sector and annulment of opportunity of legalizing black money; and effective anti-corruption commission for preventing corruption.
The day began with a choreography performance of TIB’s theme song by YES members.Inaugurating the convention, TIB Trustee Board Member M. Hafizuddin Khan congratulated the anti-corruption volunteers-organizers from all over the country for their noteworthy contribution to the movement and the country.Mr. Khan said,the terrific role of grassroots activists built the foundation of progression of the movement against corruption. To achieve the target, it is important for all to be vigilant and continuing dynamic performance from everyone’s position.
Welcoming the anti-corruption activists to the convention, TIB Executive Director Dr. Iftekharuzzaman administered an anti-corruption oath. Dr. Zaman, in his introductory speech, stressed on fulfilling citizen’s duties to counter corruption and urged for visible implementation of political will and ensure accountability of public institutions to advance the fight against corruption.Besides, along with the Anti-Corruption Commission, Dr. Zaman called on the government to ensure enabling environment for the institutions working at this field such as private institutions, citizen’s platforms, media and social organizations.
Md. Delawar Hossain Mazumder, Md. Noman Mazumder and Mr. Shah Md. Imran, representatives of TIB-inspired CCC, YES and YPAC respectively at the convention also spoke at the inaugural session.
During the panel discussion on ‘Together against corruption’, Mr. Iqbal Mahmud, Chairman, Anti-Corruption Commission; Mr. Ayman Sadiq, Founder and CEO of Ten Minute School; and Ms. Tania Wahab, Young entrepreneur and managing partner of ‘Karigor’, a leather-craft production shared their inspiring views and stories from their journey on the Vigilant Conscience, Invincible Youth,Cultural Spirit and Anti-Corruption Movement which enthralled the audience with their inspirational experiences. Noting TIB’s diversified activities and contribution especially meaningful criticism and recommendations over issues, Mr. Iqbal Mahmud said, it is impossible to attain just rights against corruption without consecutive pressure and such pressure with demands should be made continuously, besides, anti-corruption awareness activities should be continued with public participation in different social levels.
Later, Dr. Iftekharuzzaman distributed prizes among the Best YES members from different YES groups for their inspiring contributions with crests and certificates. A declaration was read out at the end of the Convention 2018. The volunteers participated in the convention vowed to remain active and vigilant together to strengthen the movement against corruption. To fulfill dreams of independence, democracy, good governance and human rights, they further pledged to inspire the young generation on resisting corruption and act against it from all levels.
Earlier, during other sessions, all the participants deliberated on new ideas to fight corruption in Bangladesh, moderated by Iftekharuzzaman, Executive Director and Prof. Dr. Sumaiya Khair, Adviser – Executive Management of TIB.
The convention was concluded through cultural performances by different YES groups.