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Hundreds of youths commit to discharge their responsibilities with integrity and accountability

Part of Youth seen taking oath
For many youngsters it was a memorable day, because they hate corruption but didn’t know how to fight it. By participating in an anti-corruption oath-taking ceremony today, hundreds of youngsters pledged that they will refrain from all kinds of corruption.
On the occasion of International Anti-Corruption Day (IACD) 2017 which will be celebrated globally on 9th December, Transparency International Bangladesh (TIB) today began a week-long observance of IACD through anti-corruption oath-taking event, held in the morning at the Central Shahid Minar, Dhaka.
Wearing green caps and badges with ‘Together against Corruption’ message, hundreds youngsters from various parts of the capital joined this colorful anti-corruption oath-taking event. Advocate Sultana Kamal, Chair, Board of Trustees of TIB administered the anti-corruption oath. Observing that the invincible youth can steer fundamental change, she urged all including to youth to play their due role to reduce ill-effects of corruption from the society.
Advocate Sultana Kamal (second from right) administering the oath-taking
Committing to have the highest regard for the independence, sovereignty, culture and values for Bangladesh, these youngsters pledged that they shall refrain from adopting any dishonest means in all aspects of academic and professional life and shall discharge their responsibilities with integrity and accountability.
Part of Youth seen taking anti-corruption oath
Commending the Government of Bangladesh for officially observing IACD from this year, TIB’s Executive Director Dr. Iftekharuzzaman underscored the need for bringing the corrupt into justice by implementing political commitment of the Government to control corruption. ‘We urge the government to create enabling environment so that those entrusted to fight corruption such as the Judiciary, the Anti-Corruption Commission and the law-enforcing agencies are able to discharge their duties without fear or favor.’
Highlighting that the Government had committed under the UNCAC Article 13 to fight corruption engaging the people, Dr. Zaman urged the Government for removing obstacles or roadblocks so that anti-corruption fighters and researchers can smoothly broaden the anti-corruption social movement.
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