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South Asian Youth Debaters call for transparency, accountability and integrity in climate adaptation finance

Young debaters of South Asian countries stressed on ensuring transparency, accountability and integrity in climate finance adaptation and called for just and equitable share of the climate finance to adapt to climate change and mitigate its adverse impact. They further urged the developed countries responsible for the climate change to provide compensation as promised in the global platforms.
The recommendations emerged from a two-day long Westminster Parliamentary Style debate competition held in Dhaka from 19-20 July 2017 involving University level debaters from South Asian countries, selected through national level competitions. A total of 16 debaters from 8 universities from Maldives, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan and Bangladesh competed in the debate on the theme “Transparency, Accountability and Integrity:  The Key to Ensuring Effective Mobilization and Use of Adaptation Finance” from 19 July 2017. After completion of three round of preliminary debate, the two-day South Asian debate competition concluded on 20 July 2017 urging the developed and developing countries to ensure the highest level of transparency accountability and integrity in climate finance. The topic of the final debate was “Developed and Developing countries have equal responsibility to ensure Transparency, Accountability and Integrity in Climate Finance Governance”.
In continuity of TIB’s year long advocacy and youth engagement programme to raise awareness and motivate young people to raise their voices against corruption through different social accountability tools, TIB organized the event to acquaint South Asian youth on adaptation finance related governance issues and enhance learning and knowledge sharing on effective implementation of adaptation finance projects ensuring good governance, especially transparency, accountability and participation. The initiative also eyed to develop a network of youth stakeholders on adaptation finance governance in South Asia for strengthening collaboration on common issues.
In the final debate, Team Sri Lanka from Sri Lanka Law College became Runner up while Team Islamic University of Technology (IUT) of Bangladesh emerged Champion by defeating Tribhuvan University, Nepal and Institute of Business Administration (IBA), University of Dhaka also. Sadaf Md. Halim of IUT bagged the coveted ‘Best Debater’ award.  Earlier in Bangladesh, 12 university teams from both public and private attended in national round debate on 19 May to qualify in the South Asian Round and four winner teams competed in the South Asian Round.

Former President of Bangladesh Debating Federation (BDF) and a media personality Mr. Abdur Noor Tushar chaired the debate competition and facilitated the final debate as the Speaker of the Parliament. Dr. Syed Manjurul Islam, Member, Board of Trustee, TIB attended as the Chief Guest while Professor Dr. Sumaiya Khair, Advisor-Executive Management, and Dr. Iftekharuzzaman, Executive Director, both from TIB were present at the final debate session and gave away prizes.
In the concluding event, Dr. Iftekharuzzaman said, "Climate change is not only a issue of the developing or developed country. It is more about responsibility of the developed countries to the developing countries who are mostly affected by climate change caused by the pollution in developed world. Therefore, countries responsible for climate change will provide adequate compensation to the affected countries - that is our demand". Professor Dr. Sumaiya Khair said, "the main and fundamental conditions for effective funding in climate adaptation in South Asian countries are transparency, accountability and integrity".
In the speech of the Chief Guest, Professor Syed Manjurul Islam said, "Polluting countries must be accountable for their historic responsibility for climate change and therefore continue to compensate the affected countries for adaptation activities."
The final competition was recorded at the studio of the leading private TV Channel i on 20 July and will be broadcasted during prime time on 24 July 2017, to reach to millions viewers across the country and abroad. To watch the Final Session of the debate, please follow the link: 
Final Session of South Asian Debate Competition on Adaptation Finance Governance (Video)