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Congratulations Bangladesh Cricket Team

Transparency International Bangladesh (TIB) congratulated the national cricket team of Bangladesh for their unprecedented success yesterday, March 9, 2015, to ensure a place in the quarter finals of the ICC Cricket World Championship being played in Australia and New Zealand.
TIB is particularly happy and proud that the team captain dedicated this victory to the “heroes of our liberation war”, which is a fitting tribute on the eve of 44th anniversary of country’s independence on 26 March.
For TIB this victory is commendable also because in response to TIB’s efforts the same team took the pledge: ‘Say NO to Corruption’ on the eve of the International Anti-corruption Day last year, making themselves the first cricket-playing team to officially denounce corruption in the cricket. 
TIB wished the Bangladesh National Cricket Team further success inspired by patriotism and unqualified commitment to honesty, transparency and integrity.