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TI Founder visits Bangladesh


The founder of Transparency International (TI) Professor Dr Peter Eigen who is also the Chairman of the Advisory Council of the TI is visiting Bangladesh on a five day visit. Dr Eigen founded TI with likeminded people in 1993 after he got frustrated to see the level of corruption in project financing as a World Bank Director in Kenya. He then thought that something must be done to tackle the situation which was also common in countries like Bangladesh. He is also the initiator of Garments Industries Transparency Initiative (GITI) that was launched in August 2013. GITI sets out as a joint approach of governments, business sector and civil society in both producing and consuming countries. It aims at finding agreement between the involved parties with regard to comprehensive standards on labour conditions.His Bangladesh visit formally started today by visiting TIB office and addressing its officials. He reminded that the existing global governance was failing and that a holistic approach should be in place for governance of the globalised economy. He tabled a new formula of a ‘Golden Triangle’, involving the government, private sector and civil society to tackle growing menace of corruption around the world. Referring to TIB contribution to global fight against corruption, he specially thanked YES volunteers for their very important works. In a video message he said to YES members “I am really stunned to know that nearly 4000 YES members are involved in anti-corruption movement. The seed we planted 15 years back have grown such big. Thank you for your contribution and I will be taking talk about and your achievements in future.”
Dr Eigen will address the TEDx dhaka talks on 22 November. His visit will also be followed by meetings with policymakers, development partners, civil society organisations, readymade garments entrepreneurs and RMG union leaders.