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Invincible youth pledges to fight against corruption and injustice

On the eve of UN declared International Youth Day (IYD) on 12 August, the Dhaka Yes Engagement and Support (YES) group with support from Transparency International Bangladesh (TIB) organised a human chain at the TSC of Dhaka University. Students, youths, teachers, TIB officials, students from different educational institutions and representatives from like minded organisations participated in the human chain. This year’s theme was “Invincible Youth Shall Surely Resist Corruption” that appealed to all youths to join the social movement against corruption and injustice.
Professor Dr Nasreen Ahmad, Pro Vice Chancellor (Academic) of University of Dhaka joined the human chain as the Chief Guest while Dr Sumaiya khair, Deputy Executive Director and Dr Rezwan-ul- Alam, Director of TIB were also present.
Dr Sumaiya Khair said, “Development of a nation depends on the desire and perseverance of youths work. Youths play active role in creating a corruption free and good governed Bangladesh practicing patriotism and increasing their skills.”
Dr Nasreen Ahmad said, “Youths played

a significant role in our Language movement in 1952, Mass uprising in 1969, Liberation War in 1971 and democracy movement in 1990. Only youths can fulfill the desire of nation and they must utilise their full potentials for betterment of the society, country and for their own.”


Development of a nation depends on the desire and perseverance of youths work - Dr Sumaiya Khair

It is mentionable that IYD is celebrated on every 12 August, as a United Nations-designated day of observance initiated in 1999 to raise awareness of issues affecting young people around the world. It is also a day to recognise the efforts of the world’s youth in creating a global society. The Day aims to encourage their participation for the wellbeing of the society and community.

TIB is also celebrating IYD since 2006. The theme of International Youth Day 2014 is

“Youth and Mental Health” under the slogan ‘Mental Health Matters’. 
For mental health development of youth of Bangladesh, YES placed several demands including supporting the young generation to achieve their goal through social engagement; Effective implementation of laws to save youths from drug addiction, pornography and online harassment; Collective and series of initiatives of government for mental health development of youths; ensuring adequate play grounds and entertainment facility; initiatives to reduce unemployment problem; creating positive environment for productive learning, training, self-employment and leadership.
























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