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Youth Leaders to build integrity blocks

Afroza Yeasmin Chandni wanted to be an elected and ideal parliamentarian while Azizur Rahman Khan Bulbul wanted to be the Chief Justice Bangladesh. Both expressed their strong desire to bring positive changes in their respective fields. Both Afroza and Aziz were among 176 Youth Engagement and Support (YES) participants at the Conference on “Youth Leaders in Innovative Anti-corruption Movement” that was held from 5-8 June in Koitta, Manikganj. YES leaders and deputy leaders from 45 Committee of Concerned Citizens (CCC) regions and 14 YES Dhaka based YES groups attended the four day conference to speak about their dreams to fight corruption and turn Bangladesh into a well governed country. They discussed on local government, land, education, health, climate finance, networking and partnership and right to information using "Open Space Technology" and came up with low cost, innovative and sustainable ideas they can implement without minimum support for TIB. The objectives of the conference were to reach to a common understanding on YES’s role in anti-corruption movement with special focus on BIBEC, identify challenges and opportunities and ways to reach project objectives and goals, Indentify shortcomings and challenges of YES in Project Driving Change (PDC) and understanding innovations required to achieve the project goal.
On the very first day participants were briefed about the conference methodology – the technique of ‘Open Space’ that ensures participation of all and values every opinion.   


The next day, they were briefed about TIB’s planned activity in Building Integrity Block for Effective Change (BIBEC) project and intervention areas. Prior to joining the conference, each YES group made a self evaluation of their activities to assess effectiveness, strength and weakness. They shared their findings with other groups during the conference and hanged it at the conference premise so that everyone can view and comment on it.
One interesting part of the conference was a lecture session by ICT expert Munir Hasan on the use of ICT to combat corruption and bring transparency and accountability in service delivery. Mr Hasan showcased a few ICT based innovations to solve problems. YES leaders tabled various problems they face frequently and came up with innovative ideas to solve these. One such idea was to introduce academic certificate verification process by respective educational institutions so that aspiring professionals are relieved from the struggle for attestation.

Introduce academic certificate verification process by respective educational institutions so that aspiring professionals are relieved from the struggle for attestation

Based on their interest and capacity to contribute, participants assembled themselves in seven groups. A facilitator gave a brief overview on the topic to initiate discussion. The discussion then continued for two days and on 7th June evening they finally came up with their ideas implementable with minimum resources and support from TIB. 
Networking and Partnership group recommended forming a ‘Youth Network’ both at local and national level and suggested to hold programmes at all YES simultaneously. Climate Finance Governance group was in favour of organising Climate Olympiad and open mass media dialogue with public representatives to bring transparency and accountability in this sector. Education group’s innovation was to introduce ‘Peace Class’ for secondary level students to orient them on ethics and integrity. Local Government and Health groups emphasised on introducing ‘Institution Based Face Book Page’ to address public grievance and showcase best practices and install Citizens Charter at public places. Right to Information (RTI) group devised a plan to assess the ‘State of Implementation of RTI Act’ at different local government institutions and round the year advocacy to create awareness among the stakeholders.
On the concluding day participants pledged to implement these ideas and spread the conference learning among fellow YES members and wider community. They expressed their high hope to spearhead the anti-corruption movement in their respective fields in BIBEC.