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TI extended posthumous tributes to three courageous individuals

In recognition of those whose bravery cost them their lives, TI extended posthumous tributes to three courageous individuals in the year of 2004. Manik Chandra Saha, a brave Bangladeshi journalist whose reports on crime and corruption in politics led to his death was one of them. Other two recipients were Hasan Baliki, a Turkish electrical engineer murdered as a result of his efforts to root out corruption in the state electricity company, and Satyendra Kumar Dubey, an Indian whistleblower who lost his life after making a complaint about corruption in the road-building project he was overseeing.

Manik Chandra Saha, a journalist and social activist, who frequently reported on crime and political corruption for the New Age newspaper and for the BBC Bengali Service was killed on January 15, 2004 in Khulna. His resolute determination to expose injustice made him enemies and he received numerous death threats, spending much of the year under police protection, before he had been murdered. His death brought thousands of mourners out into the streets, and drew widespread condemnation including Reporters without Borders. Manik Saha was a popular figure in Khulna. He started his career as a lawyer in 1982 and subsequently took the profession of journalism by joining the daily Sangbad in the same year. Mr Saha had also been working for BBC from 1994 as a regular contributor to its Bengali service. He was also a representative of Ekushey Television (ETV) in 2000. Apart from professional activities Mr. Saha was associated with many socio-cultural activities and societies in the district.