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TIB-CUDS 9th Bangla & 3rd English Inter-department Debate Competition, 2007


debate4.pngSlogan of the Program

In victory of reasoning... invincible youth shall surely resist corruption

Youth are potential leaders of future for combating against corruption. Under the banner of YES, TIB, Committee of Concerned Citizens, Chittagong Metropolitan Area and CUDS (Chittagong University Debating society) jointly organized TIB-CUDS 9th Bangla & 3rd English Inter-department Debate Competition, 07 for sensitizing the issues of corruption and unite them against corruption in Bangladesh. Therefore, the aim of the competition is to develop leadership among the youth through raising awareness among them on various issues and to stimulate a dialogue on anti- corruption and good governance by emphasizing the important role youth can play in addressing issues of corruption.

The five-day interdepartmental debate competition at Chittagong University has been held on May 12-16, 2007 jointly organized by Transparency International Bangladesh (TIB) and Chittagong University Debating Society (CUDS). The debate competition was categorized by Bangla and English debate session.

Inaugural Session: Auditorium, Building of Business Faculty, University of Chittagong
Bangla Debate Session: Auditorium of Business Faculty, University of Chittagong
English Debate Session: Central Library, University of Chittagong
Price Giving & Concluding Session: Auditorium, Building of Business Faculty, University of Chittagong

In Bangla Debate, 60 students participated from 20 departments and in English debate, 45 students participated from 15 departments.

Inaugural Day
The inaugural session of the competition started on May 12, 2007 at 11.00 a.m. at the auditorium of Business Faculty, Chittagong University. 
Guest of inaugural session

  1. Lt. General (Retd.) Hasan Mashhud Chowdhury, Chairman, Anti-Corruption Commission, Bangladesh
  2. Mr. Hafizuddin Khan, Treasurer TIB Board of Trustees
  3. Dr. Iftekharuzzaman, Executive Director of TIB
  4. Begum Mustari Shafi, Convener, Committee of Concerned Citizens, Chittagong Metropolitan Area, TIB
  5. Professor (Dr.) M. Bodiul Alam, Vice-Chancellor, Chittagong University
  6. Professor KM Golam Mohiuddin, Dean, Faculty of Business, Chittagong University
  7. Dr. Mahbubul Haque, Associate Professor, Department of Bangla, Chittagong University and Moderator, Chittagong University Debating Society

In his inaugural speech as the Chief Guest of TIB-CUDS Inter-Department Debate Competition 2007, Chairman of Anti-Corruption Commission of Bangladesh Lt. General (Retd.) Hasan Mashhud Chowdhury urged the youth of the country taking strong and active role for curbing corruption. Member of the TIB Board of Trustees Mr. M. Hafiz Uddin Khan said in his speech, prevalence of corruption in the country is high. Curbing corruption is inevitable for establishing good governance and economic progress. Executive Director of TIB Dr. Iftekharuzzaman said emphasizing on the participation of youth in the anti-corruption movement, youth played glorious role for establishing rights of the people in many movements of the country. He hopes youth shall play active role for curbing corruption and establishing good governance in the country in future. Dr. Badiul Alam in his speech welcomes the efforts of TIB and says debate is a strong medium for raising awareness against corruption and its influence in society among the students. Moderator of CUDS and Professor of Bangla at Chittagong University Dr. Mahbubul Haque chaired the inaugural program.

Anti-Corruption Oath
In the inaugural session, Begum Mustari Shafi, Convener, Committee of Concerned Citizens, Chittagong Metropolitan Area conducted the anti-corruption oath session. All the students present took part in the oath session and singed the oath paper. More than 10000 students present in the auditorium signed in the anti-corruption oath paper.

First Day Debate
More than 100 individual debaters with banner of their respective departments took part in both Bangla and English debate session as a team of three members from each department. With end of the first day debate sessions, teams of quarterfinal sessions of Bangla and English debate came to the list. Bangla debate sessions were arranged at the auditorium of the Faculty of Commerce and English debate took place at the auditorium of Central Library at the University of Chittagong.

Second Day Debate
Bangla and English semi-final level sessions were conducted on the second day at the same venue. In the English debate, teams from English, Marketing, Finance and Banking, Law and Bangla departments came in the semifinal round. On the other hand, in the Bangla sessions Journalism spoke against Marketing and Bangla took their position against Biochemistry. In the break between the sessions, Clippings of TIB Concert were projected to the full audience of the auditorium of Business Faculty. CUDS members performed the ?Rommo? debate, which was presided participated by CUDS members and became very enjoyable at the end of the day. There was also an extempore speech competition both in Bangla and English. 12 debaters of the various departments who had top scores in their performance of the early sessions took part in the Barowari session for selecting best debater. Topic for Bangla Barowari session was ?Adhar tomar shobi Miche?? and for English session it was ?A silt of light, at no birds? dawn?.

Third Day Debate
From the English session, teams of Department of Finance and Bangladesh and Department of Law propelled themselves into final round. Whilst in the Bangla session, Journalism and Biochemistry ensured their position for the final session. Subject of Bangla final session was ?Not terrorism but corruption makes the present world unstable? where Mass Communication and Journalism Department became champion, whereas in English session topic titled ?Corruption, not politics is the major hindrance to encouraging investment in Bangladesh? in which Law Department beat Finance and Banking Department. Dr. Syed Manzurul Islam, Professor of English Department of Dhaka University was present in the final session and moderated the session and was the chief guest in the award giving ceremony. Moderator of CUDS Prof. Dr. Mahbubul Haque presided over the closing program. Among others, Prof. KM Golam Mahiuddin, Dean of Commerce Faculty, Mr. M Sajjad Hussein, Senior Advocacy Officer, TIB, CUDS President Tazul Islam, CUDS General Secretary Abdus Samad Himal spoke on the occasion.
A survey on the program was conducted among the students of Chittagong University in the last day of the debate competition.

Three day debate competition at Chittagong University was completed with huge enthusiasm and active participation of the students and teachers, and message of anti-corruption movement was spread among the students of Chittagong University and role of the youth in the anti-corruption movement was emphasized with great importance. Both students and faculty members agreed that such anti-corruption awareness programs are essential for sensitizing the youth against corruption.




Topics - Bangla Debate

  • উপযুক্ত শাস্তির অভাব - সমাজে দুর্নীতিকে উৎসাহিত করে
  • তৃণমূল পর্যায়ের মানুষদের স্বাস্থ্য সেবা প্রাপ্তির মূল বাঁধা দুর্নীতি
  • শিক্ষা ক্ষেত্রে পশ্চাতপদতার মূল কারণ হচ্ছে তৃণমূল পর্যায়ের দুর্নীতি
  • প্রশাসনিক দুর্নীতি অপেক্ষা রাজনৈতিক দুবর্ৃত্তায়ন অধিক বিপজ্জনক
  • দুর্নীতির বিস্তার পুরুষদের চেয়ে নারীদের অধিক ক্ষতিগ্রস্থ করে
  • রাজনৈতিক দলের বাধ্যতামূলক নিবন্ধনই পারে রাজনীতিতে স্বচ্ছতা ও জবাবদিহিতা নিশ্চিত করতে
  • সন্ত্রাসবাদ নয় দুর্নীতিই বিশ্বকে অধিক অস্থিতিশীল করে তুলেছে (চূড়ান্ত প্রতিযোগিতার প্রস্তাব)
  • গণমাধ্যমকে অধিক শক্তিশালী করেই দুর্নীতি দমন সম্ভব
  • তৃতীয় বিশ্বের জন্য দুর্নীতি উন্নয়ন প্রতিবন্ধক
  • দুর্নীতি রোধে আইনের চেয়ে সামাজিক সচেতনতাই অধিক জরুরী
  • দুর্নীতিই মুক্তবাজারের নেতিবাচক ফলাফলের কারণ
  • আমলাতন্ত্রের দুর্নীতিই অর্থনৈতিক দুরবস্থার মূল কারণ
  • দাম্পত্য জীবনে উচ্চভিলাষী চিন্তাধারা দুর্নীতিকে উৎসাহিত করে
  • রাজনৈতিক নেতৃত্বের দুর্বলতা বাংলাদেশকে দুর্নীতিগ্রস্থ করেছে
  • দারিদ্রের দুষ্টচক্র ভাঙতে দুর্নীতি রোধের বিকল্প নেই
  • পুলিশ বিভাগের দুর্নীতি জাতীয় ক্ষেত্রে দুর্নীতি বৃদ্ধির প্রধান কারণ
  • দুর্নীতি দমনে রাষ্ট্রের চেয়ে পরিবার ও সমাজের ভূমিকা অধিক গুরুত্বপূর্ণ
  • দেশে সুশাসন প্রতিষ্ঠার জন্য অবাধ তথ্য প্রবাহ আইন প্রবর্তন প্রয়োজন সর্বাগ্রে

Topics - English Debate

  1. Absolute power corrupts absolutely
  2. Our political culture helps in increasing corruption
  3. Transparency in every sector is mandatory to reduce corruption
  4. Globalization increases corruption in third world countries
  5. Terrorism is a by-product of corruption
  6. Proper implementation of existing laws can stop corruption
  7. Active role of civil society can prevent corruption
  8. Freedom of information can stop corruption
  9. Mass awareness can stop corruption
  10. Corruption is a threat to sovereignty
  11. Without political will no law can stop corruption
  12. An effective parliament is the first condition to curb corruption in Bangladesh
  13. Separation of judiciary can not stop corruption without appointing ombudsman in every sector
  14. Corruption, not politics is the major hindrance for encouraging foreign investments in Bangladesh (Topic for final competition)

Members of CUDS

ABM Mashud-Bin-Jamal

Government and Politics

Diaz Irfan Chowdhury

Finance and Banking

Md. Sayeed Uddin Kha (Towhid)


ATM Mohitul Islam


Shankar Kumar Chacraborty

Government and Politics

Md. Shahjahan Mian

Government and Politics

Probir Barua Chowdhury

Mass Communication and Journalism

Faisal Hafiz


Bibi Morium (Moushumi)


Jinia Akter Shupta


Md. Nazmul Islam (Onirban)


Moqarramus Saklan


Diaz Irfan Chowdhury

Mass Communication and Journalism

Lutfunnessa Chowdhury (Shimul)


Rowshon Jahan Umme Fatema (Moon)


Mostafa Al Mamun


Hasina Akter Lubna


Bodrudozza Jewel


Md. Abdus Samad Hemal


Tazul Islam

Mass Communication and Journalism

Sanzida Akter Mitul


Liza Das




Tabassum Mokhduma


Md. Nasir Uddin






Fakhrul Islam Adil

Public Administration




List of Adjudicators

Md. Shahidul Haque

Asst. Professor, Mass Communication and Journalism

Md. Moniruzzaman Bhuiyan

Asst. Professor, Dept of Statistics

SM Nasrul Kadir

Associate Professor, Dept of Finance and Banking

Tunazzina Sultana

Asst. Professor, Dept of Marketing

Fazlul Kabir Rabbani

Asst. Professor, Dept. of Marketing

Tanvir Mohammad Haidar Arif

Asst. Professor, Finance and Banking

Mohammad Abul Bashar

Lecturer, Dept. of Management

Md. Kamal Uddin

Lecturer, Dept. of International Relations

Tanzim Afrin

Lecturer, Dept. of Anthropology

Mostafa Mahmud Naser

Asst. Professor, Dept. of Law

Dr. Mohammad Kamrul Huda

Associate Professor, Dept. of Botany

Md. Atiar Rahman

Lecturer, Dept. of Biochemistry and Microbiology

Tazul Islam

President, CUDS

Sadia Sharmin Pinki

Ex-General Secretary, CUDS

Towfiq Kabir Chowdhury

Ex-Joint Secretary, CUDS

AM Nasiruddin

Ex-General Secretary, CUDS

Hasina Akter Lubna

Joint Secretary, CUDS

Shamim Iftekhar

Advocacy Officer, TIB

Khaleda Akter

Assistant Advocacy Officer, TIB

Saifullah Tareq

Advocacy Officer, TIB

Mostafa Al Mamun

Organizing Secretary, CUDS

Rowshon Jahan Umme Fatima

Member, CUDS

AHM Selimullah

Asst. Professor, Dept. of Law

Arif Hossain Khan

Program Manager, Manusher Jonno Foundation