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Anti-Corruption Debate Competition 2010: Promises to Save Environment Preventing Corruption

Got Registration & Inauguration
Early morning of December 7, debaters were coming to BRAC University Auditorium from different educational institutions of every corner of the country. Anisur Rahman from Jhalokathi Government Degree College, Sadia Tabassum from Government Gurudayal College, Kishoreganj, Shahed Imran from Khawaja Yunus Ali medical College, Shirajganj, Arifur Rahman from Laxmipur Government College, and many mor. About 300 young debaters from different public & private universities of Bangladesh took part in the competition.
‘We have to step forward for the sustainable development protecting our environment and preventing corruption, and the Youth have to take the lead to go there’ Executive Director of Transparency International Bangladesh told while he was addressing the inaugural session of the two day long Anti-Corruption Debate Competition 2010 on Environment & Corruption at the Auditorium of BRAC University, Dhaka. Dr. Shahdeen Malik, Director, School of Law, BRAC University attended the event as the special guest. Among others Dr. Tureen Afroz, Associate Professor, BRAC University, Engr. Kamrul Hasan, Assistant Professor, East West University, many other teachers, guardians and students from different educational institutions were present.
The two day event kicked off with a Barwari (Free speech) Debate on the first day where participants took part in four groups. A total of 28 debaters were selected from the Barwari competition who took part in the Parliamentary Style debate competition on the second day. Four best debaters from 4 groups took part in another mid-level Free Style Debate Competition and thus Anindita Hridita, Debater of BRAC University was selected as Prime Minister while Gazi Purni of Jahangirnagar University as Opposition Leader for the first session of Parliamentary Style Debate.
No to Corruption
In the inaugural, all participants took an Anti-Corruption Oath to save the environment taking part in anti-corruption movement. They also promised to uphold the pride of the nation which was achieved sacrificing millions of lives in 1971 during our liberation war.
Young Parliamentarians are in Action
‘Keep Silent, the Parliament session has been going on’. A cautious sign was placed just in front of the Auditorium of BRAC Center Inn. The Parliament is in BRAC Centre! Is it true?  I took permission and entered into the Auditorium to observe what's going on there. ‘I strongly disagree with the bill which has been proposed today by the Honorable Prime Minister’ A parliament member from the ruling party was speaking. After his discussion the Speaker gave floor to an opposition member. She was placing her argument in favor of the Prime Minister. Surprising! Is it the Parliament of Bangladesh? Is it permitted to speak against the Prime Minister by a ruling party Member? I was in a dilemma, where am I? Yes, I got it. It was a Mock Parliament session by the young debaters from different universities of Bangladesh. The Parliamentarians were discussing on a very crucial topic for the earth and for the existing of the human being. In our National Parliament Parliamentarians does not say anything or not to vote against any bill proposed by the Government or opposition party.
In the first session of the Parliamentary Style Debate the Prime Minister Anindita Hridita placed a bill in the Parliament on ‘People’s participation in international aid management of climate change’. 28 Young Parliamentarians from different universities took part in the general discussion. They tried to show the merits and demerits of the bill. Though it was proposed from the ruling party, many Parliamentarians from the same party spoke against the bill showing some adverse effect of the bill to the common people. In the other hand, some of the opposition Parliament members supported the bill which is very unusual in our National Parliament. Ten debaters were selected for the second session out of twenty eight.
‘Bill on preventing corruption to protect environment and sustainable development’ was put on the table in the second session of the Mock Parliament Debate 2010. The young Parliamentarians raised their logic and argument while discussing on the topic. They were trying to show the relation among corruption, environment and sustainable development. ‘Tiger is the King of Jungle, but now Osman Gani is the king of Jungle’ showing the example of the former Chief Forest Conservator popularly known as Bon Kheko Gani, one parliament member described how corruption destroying our environment and making us vulnerable.
A very common habit in our National Parliament is to complain against the Speaker for his partial behavior. But in the Mock Parliament the Speaker Mr. Robayet Ferdous was doing his job impartially. All 28 Youth Parliamentarians took part in the session and they got same priority to deliver their speech. There was no example of walk out from the Parliament. 
Best Youth Parliamentarians
Amit Raihan, student of North South University got the Best Debater Award, while Hira Lal Roy of Enam Medical College and Anjan Kumar Sarkar of Dhaka University got respectively First and Second Runner-Up Award. 
In the Closing and Awards giving ceremony Dr. Atiur Rahman, Governor, Bangladesh Bank attended as the Chief Guest. Among others Ms. Won Young Hong, Assistant Country Director, UNDP, Colonel Shah Murtoza Ali (Retd.), Registrar of East West University, Air Commodore Isfaq Elahi Choudhury (Retd.), Registrar of BRAC University and Dr. Iftekharuzzaman, Executive Director of Transparency International Bangladesh took part.
‘It is a must to prevent corruption to enhance the sustainable development and the environment of Bangladesh. Bangladesh could have got the position of mid income country many days ago, if corruption could be prevented. It should ensure transparency in all sectors to prevent corruption. It should deploy watchdog body in all ministries and organizations to tackle corruption.’ Dr. Atiur Rahman. Governor, Bangladesh Bank, while delivering his speech in the closing session of the Parliamentary Style Debate Competition 2010. ‘We have to show respect to the freedom fighters and the martyrs who laid down their lives in 1971 to freed the nation, and finally we got it. Now it’s our responsibility to build our nation and you the Youth has to take the lead to build a prosperous nation’ he added. He also thanked TIB to take the initiative.
The Anti-Corruption Debate Competition on Environment and Corruption has been organized by Transparency International Bangladesh. BRAC University Debating Club, East West University Debating Club and The Daily Star acted as the Cooperating Organization while Bangla Vision and ABC Radio took part as Media Partners. The Anti-Corruption Debate Competition 2010 has been supported by UNDP Bangladesh.