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National Level Advocacy

Transparency International Bangladesh (TIB) is essentially an advocacy institution, with all its activities aimed at contributing to the creation of conditions in which corruption can be reduced; accountability, transparency and good governance can be established; and thereby poverty can be reduced.

The key objective of TIB's advocacy programmes is to catalyze policy and institutional change conducive to meeting its vision and mission. It is also aimed at expanding the TIB constituency through increased citizen's participation in anti-corruption movement nationally and locally. TIB aims at bringing changes by uniting people against corruption through various means. It maintains liaison and lobbies with policy makers so as to bring about changes.

Policy Advocacy

TIB is convinced that the anti-corruption movement cannot succeed without active support and participation of the Government including the highest political authority. Engaging the government being a key method of work TIB organizes meetings and dialogues with policy makers & senior officials of the Government including Ministers.

The main objectives of TIB's policy advocacy are to persuade the concerned public officials to bring in policy reforms and institutional change. Examples of such policy advocacy sessions recently held include: Series of advocacy sessions to pursue demand for setting up the Anti-corruption Commission replacing the Bureau of Anti-Corruption, and advocacy seminar to urge upon the Government to sign and ratify the UN Convention Against Corruption.