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Dhaka YES

Dhaka Youth Engagement and Support (YES) groups are being organized by TIB with the objective of sensitizing them about the menace of corruption and developing virtues of good citizens - honesty, integrity, ethics, patriotism and social responsibility. They are usually in the age group of 15-30, while each YES group consists of 10-40 members. By undertaking various tailor-made programmes, these youngsters learn core values of volunteerism and prepare themselves as future leaders of anti-corruption social movement. They also develop the commitment, courage and leadership qualities needed to expand and strengthen the anti-corruption constituency. Presently 14 YES groups attached to different Universities are working with the support of TIB.

Why YES Groups

  • TIB envisions that through the activities of YES Groups-
  • Youth are developed as conscious, disciplined and responsible citizens who would hate corruption and take a firm position against corruption including taking part in anti-corruption activities;
  • Youth will not only prepare themselves as anti-corruption agents but also motivate others including peers, friends, family and others to refrain from corruption, and take part in anti-corruption initiatives;
  • They would be well aware of the human values as well as core national ethics and values like democracy, pluralism, multiculturalism, tolerance;
  • They will be well-conversant with the history, heritage and culture;
  • Increased awareness will be developed among the youth about human and citizens rights;
  • Youth will be imbibed with patriotism and commitment to work for the betterment of the society;
  • They will develop the courage, commitment and skill to raise their voice against corruption, and demand fulfillment of citizens rights to corruption-free public services, good governance, accountability and transparency;
  • Youth will be motivated to stand against various social evils including violence, intolerance, crimes, and various anti-social activities such drug abuse;
  • Youths are prepared to be future members of Committees of Concerned Citizens (CCCs).

Activities of YES Groups

   Major activities of YES Groups are:

  • Identify corruption and irregularities of their respective areas/academic institutions and take part in collecting information and conducting research/report card surveys;
  • Take part together with TIB in different initiatives to combat corruption and irregularities in their respective areas/academic and other institutions
  • Take part in various nation-wide activities organized by TIB such as essay and debate competition, rallies, seminars, etc.;
  • Organise study circles and peer-learning discussions sessions on issues related to corruption and governance;
  • Organise and take part in various cultural programmes, especially anti-corruption programmes;
  • Observe national and international days including annual International Anti-corruption Day, International Youth Day etc;
  • Organize youth parliament and other learning sessions;
  • Write columns, features in local and national newspapers;
  • Organize youth camps and annual YES convention;
  • Publish little magazine, wall magazine etc.; and
  • Participate in disaster preparedness and relief and rehabilitation activities.

Street Theatre by YES Groups

Street theatre is one of the main outreach tools of TIB which is used at both national and local level to build awareness against corruption. Local YES activists are working in the theatre groups on voluntary basis, attached to the 45 CCC's, while Dhaka YES theatre group performs street theatre at various locations in the capital. Anti-corruption messages on health, education, local government, right to information, citizen charter, judicial and police services are featured prominently.

YES Brochure (Bangla)