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Members of TIB

Membership is open to anyone irrespective of religion, caste, community, sex, practices, beliefs and occupation. TIB is aware of the importance of organizational integrity and is determined to maintain the highest standard in relation to TIB Membership.
Members can substantially help the organization with its activities in research, programme, publications, consultancy and fundraising. Members are invited to all outreach events organized by TIB. Members receive annual calendar, note book together with any additional publications/ souvenir products from TIB and are also informed of various TIB's activities on a regular basis through electronic bulletins and other means. They can also collect any reports or other documents released by TIB.
Annual Meeting of Members (AMM) is usually held in May to June. A quarterly Members’ Day is also organized to facilitate 'open house' for members during which members are free to visit TIB, discuss with members of the staff on any matters of interest connected with TIB programmes. The Members’ Day is intended to help closer interaction and participation of members in TIB activities. A representative of the Members can become a member of Advisory Committee of the Board for a two-year tenure.
Four different types of membership were introduced previously. Now TIB invites application only for the category of Membership and students are fully discouraged to apply.
List of TIB Members