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Corruption increases poverty and injustice. Let's fight it together...now

absence-of-opposition-less-attention-in-legislation-impede-expected-output-says-tib-study-on-10th-parliamentThe Parliament Watch 2019, an analytical research report by Transparency International Bangladesh (TIB) reveals that Members of Parliament (MPs) in the 10th national parliament contributed less time for...(Read More)
role-of-designated-officers-crucial-in-effective-implementation-of-rti-actEffective implementation of Right to Information (RTI) Act is pivotal to strengthen institutionalization of democratic values, good governance and anti-corruption measures. Research shows strong...(Read More)
investigators-of-acc-can-play-exemplary-role-in-preventing-corruptionFrom preventative perspective, the investigators of Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) can play exemplary role through effective investigation. However, challenged with limited resources to ensure effective...(Read More)
increased-incentive-fails-to-tackle-challenges-in-public-administration-tib-study-recommends-to-review-integrity-policies-and-application-of-practicesAmong the eleven strategies prescribed in the National Integrity Strategy (NIS) to bring in changes in the public administration, nearly half of the strategies were applied satisfactorily. However, the...(Read More)
ti-bangladesh-s-initiative-amplified-in-1-155-schools-coordinators-and-teachers-pledge-to-strengthen-transparency-and-accountability-for-improved-delivery-of-educationActive Mothers Forum (AMF), a volunteer’s platform initiated by TI Bangladesh to strengthen governance in schools by engaging students’ mothers, has been amplified at 1,155 Government primary schools...(Read More)
bangladesh-slips-by-2-points-in-global-corruption-perceptions-index-ranks-149-ti-bangladesh-demands-for-a-national-anti-corruption-strategyBangladesh scored 26 on a scale of 0-100 among 180 countries in the Transparency International’s (TI) Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI) 2018. Bangladesh’s score has moved downward by 2 points than last...(Read More)
international-anti-corruption-day-celebrated-ti-bangladesh-calls-on-political-parties-for-specific-commitment-and-implementation-outline-for-preventing-corruptionStrong political will is imperative in fighting against corruption. Ahead of national parliamentary election, TI-Bangladesh stressed on specific commitment and implementation outline from the political...(Read More)
ti-bangladesh-announces-investigative-journalism-awards-2018-experts-reiterate-call-for-review-of-the-digital-security-actInvestigative reporting, an integral part of journalism plays a crucial role in bringing corruption to light and fighting against impunity. If needed, any hurdle to investigative journalism should be...(Read More)
international-right-to-know-day-2018-observed-amid-concern-on-digital-security-act-call-for-review-controversial-sections Transparency International Bangladesh (TIB) observed the International Right to Know Day, 2018 with a call upon the government to review the hastily passed Digital Security Act ignoring widespread...(Read More)
dhaka-integrity-dialogue-3-call-for-equity-and-transparency-in-green-climate-fundingNational and international experts stressed on need to ensure transparency and equity in securing green climate funds (GCF) which may be possible through the implementation of policies that are parallel...(Read More)
election-manifestos-review-wide-gap-between-actions-and-words-found-call-for-promises-with-timely-action-plan-highlighting-good-governance-and-integrityPolitical parties of Bangladesh have failed markedly in fulfilling their pledges made in the election manifestos especially with regards to strengthening good governance and integrity. In all of the...(Read More)
corruption-in-service-sectors-national-household-survey-2017-66-5-households-face-corruption-estimated-amount-of-bribe-paid-bdt-1-06-889-million National Household survey 2017 on corruption in service sectors by Transparency International Bangladesh (TIB) reveals that 66.5% households became victims of corruption while receiving services from...(Read More)
anti-corruption-youth-camp-2018-transparency-and-accountability-towards-achieving-sustainable-development-goalsTo streamline the roles of Youth with Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and synchronize the new knowledge in the fight against corruption, Transparency International Bangladesh (TIB) organized three...(Read More)
notable-progress-in-governance-by-foreign-funded-ngos-tib-stressed-on-effective-implementation Foreign-funded Non-Government Organizations of Bangladesh have gained noteworthy success in improving the overall governance situation compared to that reflected in 2007, however there remains a...(Read More)
lack-of-expected-role-of-parliament-in-promoting-democratic-accountability-observed-in-parliament-watch Although attendance of MPs in the Parliament and average time spent for each session increased in the 14th to 18th session of the 10th parliament, there remain many challenges to make the Parliament...(Read More)
international-debate-on-climate-finance-and-governance-engaging-the-youth-for-transparency-accountability-and-integrityFocusing on effective climate finance and good governance of climate funds, young debaters stressed on democratizing the governance and administration of climate finance. Core governance principals...(Read More)
graft-liability-of-male-relatives-conscious-and-empowered-women-must-to-safeguard-family To awaken women regarding liability of illegal earnings and assets acquired especially by male relatives through corruption and accept deposit in their names either willfully or unknowingly, it is...(Read More)
tib-backs-single-authority-for-centralized-role-at-rmgConcerted efforts by relevant stakeholders followed by tragic Rana Plaza collapse have gained considerable amount of progress in establishing good governance at the ready-made garment (RMG) sector....(Read More)
water-integrity-important-for-effective-climate-adaptationTo cope with dire impact of climate change especially towards the water sector, promotion of integrity in the water management can play crucial role in climate adaption. In parallel with various...(Read More)
call-for-mainstreaming-gender-in-anti-corruption-activities-for-sustainable-developmentYouth debaters stressed on reducing corruption to attain SDG 5 through women empowerment, inclusion of women in decision-making process and mainstreaming gender in anti-corruption activities. The...(Read More)
women-s-role-in-establishing-sustainable-good-governanceGender inequality spreads corruption and women are more likely to become victims of corruption then men. A Transparency International Bangladesh (TIB) study in 2015 found that women are being forced to...(Read More)
thousands-of-volunteers-renew-plight-to-resist-corruption-with-awakened-conscience-nine-point-recommendations-placed-to-build-corruption-free-bangladeshThousands of anti-corruption volunteers under TIB-inspired activists’ groups - the Committees of Concerned Citizens (CCC), Swajan, Youth Engagement and Support (YES) and YES Friends, Young professionals...(Read More)
bangladesh-s-score-slightly-improves-on-corruption-perception-index-2017-tib-calls-on-government-to-be-more-stringent-against-corruptionBangladesh has scored 28 on a scale of 0-100 according to the Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI) 2017 released by Transparency International (TI) on February 21 2018. Bangladesh's score in 2017 is two...(Read More)
yes-members-meet-shadow-ambassador-of-the-danish-embassySelected YES members from TIB-inspired YES groups of Dhaka shared their experiences from the anti-corruption movement with the `Shadow Ambassador of the day 2018’ of the Danish Embassy to Dhaka. During...(Read More)
effective-investigation-by-investigators-is-must-for-controlling-corruptionTo prevent wide-spread corruption, effective investigation plays the larger role in deterring corruption and thus, investigators are needed to be sufficiently efficient and skilled with updating...(Read More)
iacd-celebration-2017-call-for-creating-enabling-environment-to-strengthen-the-anti-corruption-movement-in-bangladesh9 December marks the International Anti-Corruption Day (IACD). To celebrate IACD 2017, Transparency International Bangladesh’s (TIB) organized a number of people and youth engagement activities promoting...(Read More)
hundreds-of-youths-commit-to-discharge-their-responsibilities-with-integrity-and-accountability Part of Youth seen taking oath For many youngsters it was a memorable day, because they hate corruption but didn’t know how to fight it. By participating in an anti-corruption oath-taking ceremony...(Read More)
serious-challenges-plague-nctb-tib-places-16-recommendations-to-improve-the-governance-situationA TIB study titled ‘National Curriculum and Textbook Board (NCTB): Challenges of Good Governance and a Way-out in its Manuscript Formulation and Publication Management’ revealed that NCTB officials are...(Read More)
tib-calls-for-institutionalising-public-hearing-in-preventing-corruption-including-constant-follow-up-for-augmented-productivityPublic hearing was found as an effective tool in ensuring transparency and accountability in the public offices and importantly, it creates influential impact on people’s empowerment and create a space to...(Read More)
conditions-of-rohingyas-at-high-risks-tib-urged-to-create-favourable-environment-for-repatriation-through-mounting-pressure-and-diplomatic-initiativesForcibly displaced Myanmar Nationals to Bangladesh, the Rohingyas are under grave risk related to food, clean water, clothing, shelter, sanitation and health. Despite diverse efforts of government and...(Read More)
tib-signs-mou-with-information-commission-for-effective-implementation-of-rti-act-2009 Transparency International Bangladesh (TIB) and Information Commission will work jointly to increase people’s awareness and boost stakeholders’ capacity to ensure effective implementation of the Right...(Read More)
international-right-to-know-day-observed-2017Transparency International Bangladesh (TIB) celebrated International Right to Know Day 2017 with great enthusiasm. Besides holding human chain and debate competition, TIB joined hands with the Information...(Read More)
call-for-concerted-efforts-to-ensure-transparency-and-accountability-in-climate-funds-in-south-asia Nationl and international experts here stressed on urgent concerted efforts of South Asian governments to ensure transparency, accountability and integrity in utilising the fund for the climate victims....(Read More)
irregularities-and-corruption-big-impediments-to-achieve-sdg-related-to-curbing-corruption-and-establishing-good-governanceThe legal, policy and institutional structures for achieving the cherished goal of sustainable development related to curbing corruption and establishing good governance (SDG-16) in Bangladesh is robust...(Read More)
significant-governance-deficit-unearthed-in-bwdb-climate-projects-tib-stresses-on-effective-accountability-and-citizen-led-monitoringA TIB study identified significant deficiencies such as `unethical influence’ in approval, illegal implementation of the projects by politically influential sub-contractors, absence of meaningful...(Read More)
scrap-provisions-of-police-verification-attestation-and-testimonial-to-improve-passport-serviceTo prevent corruption and reduce many types of irregularities in different levels of passport service, the existing provision of police verification and attestations of documents and photographs should...(Read More)
art-competition-on-world-environment-dayOn 29 July, junior artists of the different High Schools in Dhaka illustrated their dream Bangladesh on Climate Change issue, while participated in an Art Competition organized by Transparency...(Read More)
the-government-of-bangladesh-to-annually-observe-the-international-anti-corruption-day-iacd-on-9th-decemberOn 10th July 2017, the Government of Bangladesh has approved to commemorate the International Anti-Corruption Day (IACD) officially on 9th December every year. Proposed by the Anti-Corruption Commission...(Read More)
south-asian-youth-debaters-call-for-transparency-accountability-and-integrity-in-climate-adaptation-financeYoung debaters of South Asian countries stressed on ensuring transparency, accountability and integrity in climate finance adaptation and called for just and equitable share of the climate finance to...(Read More)
tripartite-partnership-among-the-government-mass-media-and-citizens-can-contribute-to-good-governance-as-enshrined-in-sdg-16During a dialogue on ‘SDG 16 and Good Governance: Government, Mass Media and Citizens’, organized by Transparency International Bangladesh (TIB) on 2nd May, speakers called for improving communication...(Read More)
call-for-improving-governance-standards-in-bangladesh-s-adaptation-fundBangladesh’s overall standard of governance in climate change adaptation (CCA) finance is satisfactory, nonetheless, there are ample scopes for improvement in the areas of transparency, accountability,...(Read More)
governance-in-bangladesh-s-migration-process-challenges-and-the-way-forward In spite of the government’s sincere efforts, Bangladesh’s labour migration sector still suffers from many governance challenges ranging from legal, institutional and procedural limitations, coupled...(Read More)
sustainable-development-and-good-governance-role-of-women Corruption and gender are closely linked. Gender inequality spreads corruption and women are more likely to become victims of corruption then men. A Transparency International Bangladesh (TIB) study...(Read More)
accountability-in-urban-development-of-bangladesh-from-decentralization-perspective Local government organizations in the form of devoluted organization are more accountable compared to the delegated form of decentralization in Bangladesh. This was revealed in a study titled:...(Read More)
call-for-ensuring-transparency-and-accountability-in-bangladesh-s-climate-financeA three-day inter-university debate competition concluded on 26 February 2017 urging the authorities to ensure the highest level of integrity, transparency and accountability in the overall management of...(Read More)
tib-study-on-disaster-management-sustained-stepsrequired-to-be-adoptedin-responding-to-thegovernance-challenges-in-thepre-and-post-cyclone-responsesTransparency International Bangladesh (TIB) called upon the relevant institutions of the Government to ensure fairness in allocation and distribution of relief, maintain equity in the allocation and...(Read More)
cpi-2016-bangladesh-slightly-improves-scores-and-rankingStrong political will is imperative to control corruption in the country  Compared to 2015, Bangladesh has slightly improved its score and ranking in the Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI) 2016...(Read More)
tib-urges-the-government-to-ensure-transparency-equity-accountability-and-capacity-in-climate-finance-projectsTransparency International Bangladesh (TIB) called upon the government to ensure transparency and accountability, maintain equity in resource allocation and enhance capacity of the local government...(Read More)
international-anti-corruption-day-2016-call-for-concerted-efforts-to-fight-corruption-in-bangladeshThroughout the world, 9 December is celebrated as International Anti-Corruption Day (IACD). Transparency International Bangladesh (TIB) began observing the day through week-long activities in the capital...(Read More)
the-government-of-denmark-signs-cooperation-agreement-with-tib      Ambassador H.E. Mikael Hemniti Winther of the Kingdom of Denmark signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Transparency International Bangladesh (TIB) to continue supporting the core...(Read More)
promoting-integrity-in-bangladesh-s-water-sector  At the backdrop of widespread corruption and mal-governance across the sector, Transparency International Bangladesh (TIB), with the support of Water Integrity Network (WIN) of Berlin, formed...(Read More)
ti-bangladesh-demands-climate-justice      Ahead of COP 22 scheduled in Marakash during November 7-18 November 2016, Transparency International Bangladesh (TIB) organized a series of week-long advocacy and civic engagement programmes...(Read More)
we-are-not-the-enemies-corruption-is-the-corrupt-are-ti-chair-in-bangladesh      Mr. José Carlos Ugaz Sánchez-Moreno, Chairperson of the International Board of Directors of Transparency International (TI) concluded his two-day visit to Bangladesh today with a call to the...(Read More)
tib-announces-investigative-journalism-awards-2016-ti-chair-calls-bangladeshi-journalists-to-continue-to-produce-more-investigative-reports      Transparency International Bangladesh (TIB) today announced the winners of the 18th Investigative Journalism Awards. On this occasion the Chairperson of International Board of Directors of...(Read More)
ti-global-board-chair-in-dhaka      Mr. José Carlos Ugaz Sánchez-Moreno, Chairperson of the International Board of Directors of Transparency International (TI) has arrived in Dhaka today on a two-day visit. This is his first visit...(Read More)
international-youth-day-observed-pledges-to-fight-against-corruption  Transparency International Bangladesh (TIB) observed this year’s International Youth Day (IYD) by placing nine-point charter of demands to the government urging to ensure, among others, the promotion...(Read More)
corruption-in-service-sectors-national-household-survey-2015      A report of Transparency International Bangladesh (TIB) titled ‘Corruption in Service Sectors: National Household Survey 2015’ released today said some 67.8% households became victims of...(Read More)
experts-calls-for-ensuring-accountability-and-transparency-in-climate-adaptation-fundNational and international experts today 29 March 2016, urged the governments of climate vulnerable countries to ensure the highest level of integrity, transparency and accountability in the overall...(Read More)
tib-arranged-cultural-programme-to-celebrate-international-women-s-day-2016    Transparency International Bangladesh (TIB) today celebrated the International Women’s Day 2016 with the theme of ‘Empowered Women, Awakened Conscience, Shall Surely Resist Corruption’. A number of...(Read More)
land-governance-challenges-under-scanner-a-host-of-recommendation-tabled    A day-long consultation on ‘Governance challenges and the way forward in land sector’ was held in TIB’s Dhaka Office on 29 February 2016. Anti-corruption fighters and civil society activists...(Read More)
ti-releases-global-corruption-report-sport-tib-calls-for-taking-preventive-measures-to-maintain-cricket-s-clean-image    At the backdrop of incidences of match-fixing, political and commercial influences in arranging major events, the lack of good governance in administration and other risks of corruption in...(Read More)
thousands-anti-corruption-volunteers-renew-pledges-to-fight-corruption    The day-long 8th national convention of TIB-inspired volunteer groups - the Committees of Concerned Citizens (CCC), Sawjan, Youth Engagement and Support (YES) and YES Friends was held at the...(Read More)
bangladesh-retains-last-year-s-score-slips-one-position-from-bottom-tib-calls-for-challenging-impunity-and-bring-the-corrupt-to-justiceBangladesh scored 25 out of 100 points and ranked 13th position from the bottom and 139th from the top among 168 countries in the Transparency International’s (TI) Corruption Perception Index (CPI) 2015....(Read More)
working-together-for-sustainable-supply-chain-management-in-bangladesh-s-readymade-garment-sector  The successes of Bangladesh's readymade garment sector are phenomenal. Starting in 1980 with just 30 units, the sector now employs nearly four million workers, of which more than three...(Read More)
tib-urges-acc-to-work-without-fear-and-favour-to-control-rampant-corruption-in-bangladesh    TI-Bangladesh today called upon the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) to vigorously assert its legal mandate without fear or favour in controlling both rampant petty and grand corruption in...(Read More)
demanding-transparency-and-accountability-through-anti-corruption-cartoons-and-photographs    Throughout the world, 9 December is celebrated as International Anti-Corruption Day. As part of this celebration, Transparency International Bangladesh (TIB) today awarded cartoonists and...(Read More)
journalists-awarded-for-quality-investigative-reports    As part of it's four-day long celebration of International Anti-corruption Day which falls on 9 December, Transparency International Bangladesh (TIB) today announced the winners of the 17th...(Read More)
say-no-to-loan-yes-to-grant-as-compensation-for-climate-change-adaptation    In solidarity with the global climate march that was taking place around the world, anti-corruption youth volunteers of TI-Bangladesh's Youth Engagement and Support (YES) group joined thousand other...(Read More)
strengthening-effectiveness-of-anti-corruption-agencies-in-asia-and-pacific       A two-day training workshop involving researchers from six chapters of Transparency International (TI) commenced in Dhaka today to find ways for improving effectiveness of Anti-Corruption...(Read More)
ti-bangladesh-launches-online-report-corruption-initiative      Transparency International Bangladesh (TIB) launched an online initiative called Report Corruption to facilitate greater people engagement in the social movement against corruption in...(Read More)
celebrating-the-right-to-know-day-2015TI Bangladesh today celebrated the International Right to Know (RTK) Day by calling upon the government to effectively implement the proactive disclosures policy across all government offices. It also...(Read More)
youth-pledges-to-fight-against-corruption-on-international-youth-day      The International Youth Day 2015 was observed by Transparency International Bangladesh (TIB) through organising set of programmes on 12 and 13 August. The youth day is marked throughout...(Read More)
bangladeshi-youths-are-highly-moral-finds-a-tib-study-7      In spite of having a highly moralistic concept of integrity, some Bangladeshi youth would still resort to unfair means. A TIB study titled National Youth Integrity Survey 2015 found that...(Read More)
tib-demands-transparency-openness-and-accountability-in-the-upcoming-national-budget-for-fy-2015-16      TIB today (31 May 2015) sent a letter to the Finance Minister requesting to ensure transparency, openness and accountability in the national budget for the fiscal year 2015-16. Reminding...(Read More)
street-theatre-highlights-land-sector-corruptions      TIB has been using the people’s theatre as a tool to spread its anti-corruption messages across 45 locations in the country. Cultural activists among the Youth Engagement and Support...(Read More)
acc-signs-mou-with-tib-to-prevent-corruption-in-the-country-2 Transparency International Bangladesh (TIB) and the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) on 25 May 2015 signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the objective of strengthening anti-corruption...(Read More)
the-three-city-corporation-elections-were-not-free-fair-and-neutral-tib A TIB report titled Dhaka North, Dhaka South and Chittagong City Corporation Elections 2015: Tracking the Process, released on 18 May 2015 found thatthe 28 April elections to the three city corporations...(Read More)
governance-challenges-still-exist-in-bangladesh-rmg-sector-tib      Although notable progress has been achieved, however, various deficits still exist indicating that a lot needs to be done to consolidate reforms gains in establishing good governance in...(Read More)
rules-violated-in-acquiring-land-and-paying-compensations-in-rampal-and-matarbari-projects      A TIB study ‘Rampal and Matarbari Power Projects: Governance Challenges in Environmental Impact Assessment and Land Acquisition’, released on 16 April 2015 unearthed a series of...(Read More)
tib-study-on-women-s-experience-of-corruption-in-rural-bangladesh      Women are being forced to accept corruption as a way of life, and at the same time they are becoming victims, agents and in some cases beneficiaries of corruption. A study titled ‘Women’s...(Read More)
role-of-women-journalists-in-anti-corruption-movement      With a view to assess the challenges of female journalists in Bangladesh while discharging professional duties and also to find ways to strengthen their capacities as well as role they...(Read More)
congratulations-bangladesh-cricket-team      Transparency International Bangladesh (TIB) congratulated the national cricket team of Bangladesh for their unprecedented success yesterday, March 9, 2015, to ensure a place in the quarter finals...(Read More)
empowered-women-awakened-conscience-shall-surely-resist-corruption       With the theme of ‘Empowered Women, Awakened Conscience, Shall Surely Resist Corruption’, TIB is celebrating this year’s International Women’s Day with various outreach activities....(Read More)
government-forms-safe-food-authority-and-appoint-a-chairman-to-make-it-effective      This was made possible following a TIB’s study on food governance released last year with a host of recommendation that included forming the safe food authority. A food safety law titled...(Read More)
chief-justice-assures-tib-to-actively-consider-and-implement-its-policy-recommendations       TIB’s efforts to ensure transparency in the judiciary received a tremendous boost when the new Chief Justice assured the anti-corruption watchdog that he would actively consider its...(Read More)
tib-study-finds-corruption-in-the-office-of-comptroller-and-auditor-general      A new study by Transparency International Bangladesh (TIB) to analyse the nature and extent of corruption and various irregularities in the Office of Comptroller and Auditor General found...(Read More)
tib-recommends-measures-for-improving-governance-in-the-drug-administration      Transparency International Bangladesh (TIB) recommends 12 measures for improving good governance in Drug Administration along with a timely policy structure, a unified law, effective...(Read More)
tib-observes-iacd-2014-with-a-demand-to-ensure-punishment-of-corrupt-people   To celebrate the International Anti-Corruption Day 2014, TIB on 9 December organized two events: a) distribution of prizes to six winners of investigative journalism awards 2014 and a...(Read More)
bangladesh-national-cricket-team-says-no-to-corruption       On the eve of the International Anti-Corruption Day on 9 December, the Bangladesh National Cricket Team today expressed solidarity...(Read More)
ti-founder-visits-bangladesh   The founder of Transparency International (TI) Professor Dr Peter Eigen who is also the Chairman of the Advisory Council of the TI is visiting Bangladesh on a five day visit. Dr Eigen...(Read More)
tib-calls-for-regional-cooperation-to-promote-governance-and-control-corruption-in-south-asia       Transparency International Bangladesh (TIB) has called upon the government to propose inclusion of governance and anti-corruption...(Read More)
building-integrity-blocks-for-effective-change-bibec       After successfully completing its Paribartan-Driving Change Project (PDC) which began in April 2009, Transparency International...(Read More)
tib-s-national-level-successes-to-date Since 1996, TIB has achieved significant successes in terms of influencing the Government to undertake various anti-corruption reforms in the country. Below we highlight some examples of...(Read More)
international-right-to-know-day-observed         TIB celebrated International Right to Know Day with great enthusiasm on 28 September 2014. Nationally, the organisation...(Read More)
robust-and-early-capitalisation-of-gcf-governance-in-climate-finance-are-must-pm-echoes-with-tib-s-stance       Transparency International Bangladesh (TIB) since 2011 has been demanding release of “new” and...(Read More)
good-practice-tib-s-technical-assistance-in-developing-a-good-governance-roadmap-for-lged-3       When TI-Bangladesh initiated a study three years ago on Local Government Engineering Department (LGED), the country’s lead...(Read More)
custom-house-to-get-rid-of-middlemen-thanks-to-tib-report       In a bid to free all Custom House free from middlemen and ensure its efficiency, the National Board of Revenue (NBR) issued office...(Read More)
building-nation-through-anti-corruption-movement         For Youth Engagement and Support (YES) members of TIB, it was a double surprise: first, to see three Executive...(Read More)
tib-for-national-broadcasting-commission-first-2           The government should form a fully independent National Broadcasting Commission (NBC)...(Read More)
invincible-youth-pledges-to-fight-against-corruption-and-injustice       On the eve of UN declared International Youth Day (IYD) on 12 August, the Dhaka Yes Engagement and Support (YES) group with...(Read More)
tib-for-full-implementation-of-automation-in-chittagong-port-and-custom-house           TIB tabled 9 recommendations including full implementation of automation in export-import...(Read More)
diplomatic-efforts-for-disbursement-of-climate-funds-stressed         Transparency International Bangladesh (TIB) suggested forming a high powered commission to ensure governance in...(Read More)
tib-calls-for-effective-and-visible-role-of-the-opposition       Though the 10th parliament witnessed a decreasing trend in the 10th Parliament, "Quorum crisis" is still a concern. The...(Read More)
tib-recommends-16-measures-for-governance-of-private-universities         Though private universities in Bangladesh started its journey in Bangladesh as non-profit organizations with...(Read More)
tib-members-call-for-effective-steps-for-good-governance         Members of Transparency International Bangladesh (TIB) urged for strong political will, establishment of rule...(Read More)
youth-leaders-to-build-integrity-blocks         Afroza Yeasmin Chandni wanted to be an elected and ideal parliamentarian while Azizur Rahman Khan Bulbul wanted...(Read More)
significant-steps-in-implementing-nis-needs-firm-commitment-of-institutions-and-stakeholders       TIB urged the government to address the limitations of the National Integrity Strategy (NIS) to turn it into a fully implementable...(Read More)
young-journalists-vow-to-work-as-anti-corruption-activists           It was a wonderful experience for Gazi Sadek – a university correspondent of Daily...(Read More)
curb-influence-of-mps-and-ensure-even-distribution-of-power         Speakers at a TIB organised roundtable echoed with the recommendations of curbing influence of MPs over local...(Read More)
information-3-column-2-nis-4       A weak National Integrity System (NIS) bedeviled by wide gap of practice and implementation compared to legal provisions and...(Read More)
turn-btcl-into-a-complete-public-limited-company-within-6-months         Even after 6 years of transformation from the Bangladesh Telephone and Telegraph Board (BTTB) to Bangladesh...(Read More)
one-year-after-rana-plaza-tragedy-progress-in-governance-must-be-sustained-2   Key stakeholders including the government, various government agencies, the BGMEA, factory owners and buyers have made significant progress to...(Read More)
updated-rules-for-management-of-cooperatives-stressed         A TIB conducted study titled “Management of Cooperatives: Governance Challenges and Way Forward”...(Read More)
elected-representatives-for-zila-parishads-recommended         Transparency International Bangladesh (TIB) recommended reforming the Zila Parishads by elected...(Read More)
information-3-column-2-food-safety-3       Immediate gazette notification of Safe Food Act 2013 was stressed for its effective implementation at the press launch of the...(Read More)
opposition-sets-new-boycott-record-tib-for-law-banning-parliament-boycott         The ninth parliament during its tenure of five years from January 2009 to November 2013 witnessed record high...(Read More)
young-debaters-debates-on-equality-respect-and-honour-for-womenJannatul Rafeya, Mehedi Hasan of Dhaka University and Shakil Ahmed of Jagannath University were adjudged as the best debater, first runner up and second runner respectively among 150 young debaters from...(Read More)
female-yes-learns-to-fight-online-harassments-vows-to-spread-itThe power of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and social media in bringing positive changes in the society is proven globally. Yet, with its spread online harassment, particularly against...(Read More)
tib-observes-internationl-anti-corruption-dayTI-Bangladesh today observed the International Anti-Corruption Day with a host of activities both at local and national level. YES volunteers in 45 locations of the country joined in human chains,...(Read More)
bangladesh-s-score-improves-in-cpi-ranked-2nd-from-the-bottom-in-south-asia Corruption remains a serious global problem according to this CPI. 123 countries out of 177 (more than two-thirds) scored below 50 in the index where 108 countries scored equal or less than average of...(Read More)
tib-and-rac-aggrieved-over-president-s-consent-to-acc-actTIB and Reporters Against Corruption (RAC) in a joint statement on 21 November expressed their despondency and condemned President’s consent to Anti Corruption Commission (Amendment) Bill-2013 that makes...(Read More)
sony-ramany-has-been-awarded-the-first-prize-in-the-international-youth-photo-competition-organized-by-transparency-international-ti-to-mark-the-20th-anniversary-of-the-global-coalition-against-corruption Sony Ramany has been awarded the first prize in the international youth photo competition organized by Transparency International (TI) to mark the 20th anniversary of the global...(Read More)
launch-of-national-service-programme-studyDespite significant successes, National service Programme (NSP) targeted to create employment of the unemployed youth suffered a number of shortcomings including limitations in planning and...(Read More)
corruption-and-mal-governance-grip-rmg-tib-for-strict-implementation-of-lawsTIB at a press conference tabled 25 recommendations to overcome various limitations and challenges and establish governance in the Ready Made Garment (RMG) sector in Bangladesh. The governance challenges...(Read More)
launch-of-tib-s-study-on-dhaka-medical-college-hospitalParticipants during the release of a TIB study titled “Dhaka Medical College Hospital (DMCH): Progress of Governance, Challenges and the Way Forward” on 7th October stressed for qualitative changes in...(Read More)
tib-demands-effective-measures-to-ensure-governance-and-reduce-corruption-in-climate-finance-2 TIB urged the government and concerned authorities to immediately address governance challenges in climate finance to reduce risks of corruption at different stages of project formulation, selection...(Read More)
gcr-on-education-released-tib-calls-for-introducing-integrity-pledge-in-primary-educationTI’s Global Corruption Report (GCR) on Education called upon the governments, international agencies, businesspersons and civil societies across the world to acknowledge education as an effective tool to...(Read More)
information-commission-and-rti-forum-jointly-celebrate-the-right-to-know-day-nationally-31 International Right to Know (RTK) day was celebrated across the country on 28 September - Committee of Concerned Citizen (CCC), Youth Engagement and Support (YES), Swajan and YES Friends in 34 regions...(Read More)
tib-for-level-playing-field-in-the-next-js-poll-urges-strict-implementation-of-electoral-lawsTIB identified a number of challenges for the Election Commission (EC) – the apex state institution responsible for organizing a fair and impartial Jatio Sangsad (JS) poll. These challenges include;...(Read More)
right-to-know-day-celebration-focuses-on-demand-and-supply-side-of-informationInternational Right to Know (RTK) day was celebrated across the country on 28 September - Committee of Concerned Citizen (CCC), Youth Engagement and Support (YES), Swajan and YES Friends in 34 regions...(Read More)
bangladesh-s-parliament-need-be-the-watchdog-defence-corruption-recommends-ti-dspTwo-thirds of parliament and legislatures fail to exercise sufficient control over their Ministry of Defence and the armed forces, according to a new report by Transparency International UK’s Defence and...(Read More)
collective-efforts-must-to-tackle-governance-challenges-at-primary-educationPrimary and Mass Education Minister Dr Afsarul Ameen, MP emphasised on collective efforts to tackle governance challenges at primary education. He made this appeal as the Chief Guest at the closing...(Read More)
roundtable-demands-code-of-conduct-act-for-mpsTIB and Shushasoner Jonno Nagorik (SUJON) jointly organised a roundtable discussion on ‘Need for Code of Conduct Act for Member of the Parliament (MP)’ on 31st August at the National Press Club. Speakers...(Read More)
youths-pledge-for-a-prosperous-and-good-governed-country‘Invincible Youth Shall Surely Resist Corruption’ with this slogan TIB organised the Dhaka YES conference from August 21-22 at Nobab Nowab Ali Chowdhury Senate Bhaban, Dhaka University (DU). The...(Read More)
good-governance-in-lged-must-for-rural-developmentSpeakers at the roundtable on “Local Government Engineering Department: Problems of Governance and Way Forward” stressed on promoting governance, reducing corruption and political interference in LGED for...(Read More)
gcb-2013-finds-political-parties-and-police-most-corruptsAccording to Global Corruption Barometer (GCB) of Transparency International (TI), 93% of the respondents believed that political parties and police were most corrupted public service institutions while...(Read More)
joint-efforts-stressed-for-healthcare-governance-at-local-levelSpeakers at a consultation on “The Challenge of Governance in Healthcare and Ways to Overcome” stressed on joint efforts among healthcare stakeholders and harmony among national and local level efforts....(Read More)
tib-4th-shere-bangla-cup-debate-competition-2013টিআইবি ও শেরেবাংলা কৃষি বিশ্ববিদ্যালয়ের যৌথ উদ্যোগে এবং শেরেবাংলা কৃষি বিশ্ববিদ্যালয় ডিবেটিং সোসাইটি-এর সহযোগিতায় দুর্নীতি ও সুশাসন বিষয়ক ‘টিআইবি ৪র্থ শেরেবাংলা কাপ বিতর্ক প্রতিযোগিতা ২০১৩’ এর সমাপনী...(Read More)
human-chain-to-observe-global-earth-day-2013To observe the Global Earth Day 2013 a human chain was jointly formed at National Press Club on 22 April 2013 by Transparency International Bangladesh (TIB), Bangladesh Paribesh Andolon (BAPA), Bangladesh...(Read More)
cultural-programme-at-rabindra-sarobor-dhaka-on-27-march-2013-making-the-observance-of-independance-day মহান স্বাধীনতা দিবস, ৮ মার্চ আন্তর্জাতিক নারী দিবস এবং ২৭ মার্চ বিশ্ব নাট্য দিবস উপলক্ষে ট্রান্সপারেন্সি ইন্টারন্যাশনাল বাংলাদেশ (টিআইবি) ধানমন্ডির রবীন্দ্র সরোবর...(Read More)
poetry-against-corruption-festival-on-18-february-2013     একুশের চেতনায় উজ্জীবিত একটি দুর্র্নীতিমুক্ত সমাজ বিনির্মাণের সংকল্পে টিআইবি আয়োজন করে ‘দুর্নীতির বিরুদ্ধে কবিতা’ শীর্ষক আবৃত্তি অনুষ্ঠানের। কবিতায় প্রতিধ্বনিত হোক...(Read More)
bangladesh-assessment-defense-anti-corruption-index-tiBangladesh is placed in Band D. Bangladesh’s defence and security sector scores poorly on political corruption risk. There is a lack of any formal defence policy to date. The currentgovernment initiated...(Read More)
corruption-perception-index-cpi-2012-released Corruption Perception Index (CPI) 2012 South Asia Scores (Read More)
role-of-mps-in-establishing-good-governance-expectation-vis-à-vis-performance,-2012     The role of the Parliament is extremely important in the present day democracies. The key tasks performed by the Parliament are enacting laws, monitoring the...(Read More)
ask-tib-mj-statement-on-ramu-incidentsকক্সবাজারের রামু, উখিয়া ও টেকনাফ উপজেলায় বৌদ্ধ সম্প্রদায়ের উপর ঘটে যাওয়া বর্বরোচিত ঘটনার প্রেক্ষিতে আইন ও সালিশ কেন্দ্র (আসক), ট্রান্সপারেন্সি ইন্টারন্যাশনাল বাংলাদেশ (টিআইবি) ও মানুষের জন্য ফাউন্ডেশন...(Read More)
international-workshop-on-people-engagement-against-corruption-begins-in-dhaka,-2012 Dhaka, September 2, 2012. A five-day long international workshop on `Tools and Tactics of People Engagement’ began in Bangladesh’s capital Dhaka today. Hosted by Transparency International...(Read More)
2013-09-17-09-04-30চির সবুজের দেশ, প্রিয় স্বদেশ চাই টেকসই সবুজ-বান্ধব উন্নয়ন বিশ্ব পরিবেশ দিবস ও রিও+২০ জাতিসংঘ টেকসই উন্নয়ন সম্মেলন উপলক্ষে ট্রান্সপারেন্সি ইন্টারন্যাশনাল বাংলাদেশ (টিআইবি), জলবায়ু অর্থায়নে সুশাসন...(Read More)
call-for-proposals-nis1 Call for Proposals: National Integrity System (NIS) Assessment Lead Researcher in Bangladesh 1. Background Transparency International (TI) is the global civil society organisation leading the fight...(Read More)
declaration-of-ccc-yes-convention-2012 সনাক ও ইয়েস জাতীয় সম্মেলন ২০১২ ১-২ জুন ২০১২, বঙ্গবন্ধু আন্তর্জাতিক সম্মেলন কেন্দ্র, ঢাকা সম্মেলনের ঘোষণা আমরা টিআইবি’র অনুপ্রেরণায় গঠিত সচেতন নাগরিক কমিটি (সনাক) ও ইয়েস এর জাতীয় সম্মেলন ২০১২...(Read More)
cartoon-competition-exhibition-2010As part of it’s Youth Engagement and Support (YES) programme Transparency International Bangladesh (TIB) is organizing the 5th Anti-Corruption Cartoon Competition to mark the International Anti-Corruption...(Read More)
anti-corruption-debate-competition-2010-promises-to-save-environment-preventing-corruption Got Registration & Inauguration Early morning of December 7, debaters were coming to BRAC University Auditorium from different educational institutions of every corner of the country. Anisur Rahman...(Read More)
cartoon-competition-exhibition-2009Transparency International Bangladesh (TIB) organized its fourth Anti-Corruption Cartoon Competition to mark the International Anti-Corruption Day 2009 (9 December). As part of TIB’s Youth Engagement and...(Read More)
cartoon-competition-exhibition-2008Transparency International Bangladesh (TIB) organized its third Anti-Corruption Cartoon Competition to observe the International Anti-Corruption Day 2008 (9 December). As a part of TIB?s Youth Engagement...(Read More)
cart-2007A total of 747 Entries were received from different parts of the country for this year's competition. 368 cartoonists took part in this competition in two age groups; Group A (Ka) 13-18 years and Group B...(Read More)
dhaka-university-wins-seventh-inter-university-anti-corruption-debate-championship-2007 Dhaka University clinched the champion's trophy of the Seventh Inter-University Anti-Corruption Debate Championship 2007, defeating Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (Buet). In the...(Read More)
inter-medical-college-anti-corruption-debate-competition-2007 Health is one of the fundamental rights of the people. But after 36 years of independence, Bangladesh still fails in ensuring proper health care facilities for all. One of the major reasons behind this...(Read More)
children-s-art-competition-celebrating-the-first-national-health-rights-conventionAn art competition celebrating the first national health rights day was held in Bangladesh Sishu Academy participated by the children aged between seven to sixteen on the 15th June 2007.  Two hundred and...(Read More)
tib-cuds-9th-bangla-3rd-english-inter-department-debate-competition-2007   Slogan of the Program In victory of reasoning... invincible youth shall surely resist corruption PreludeYouth are potential leaders of future for combating against corruption. Under...(Read More)
women-against-corruption-mock-parliament-debate Keeping the slogan ‘Women against corruption’ ahead, a daylong debate competition was arranged at the TSC Auditorium, Dhaka University for observing ‘International Day of Women’ on 8th March 2007....(Read More)
anti-corruption-cartoon-competition-and-exhibition-2006To mark the 3rd International Anti-Corruption Day-9 December 2006 Transparency International Bangladesh (TIB) held a Cartoon Exhibition titled Durnitir Biruddhey Cartoon at the Drik Gallery, Dhanmondi...(Read More)
international-anti-corruption-day-2006-parliamentary-style-debate-competitionFirst ever parliamentary style debate competition held under the auspices of TIB   To mark the International Anti-Corruption Day, 2006, Transparency International Bangladesh (TIB) has organized the...(Read More)
ti-extended-posthumous-tributes-to-three-courageous-individualsIn recognition of those whose bravery cost them their lives, TI extended posthumous tributes to three courageous individuals in the year of 2004. Manik Chandra Saha, a brave Bangladeshi journalist whose...(Read More)

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2013-09-16-04-52-59  বর্ণমালায় নীতিকথা ‘Barnamalay Nitikotha– Teaching of Ethics Through Alphabets’ is a publication of TI Bangladesh to teach children about moral values...
2019-02-20-07-20-29 দেশব্যাপী দুর্নীতিবিরোধী চাহিদা ও সুশাসন প্রতিষ্ঠার সহায়ক পরিবেশ সৃষ্টির লক্ষ্যে নাগরিকদের সচেতন ও সোচ্চার করার জন্য কাজ করছে ট্রান্সপারেন্সি...
climate-adaptation-finance-governance-standards-a-new-approach-piloted-in-the-maldives-and-bangladesh Climate finance – money intended to help at-risk countries prevent climate change and adapt to its effects – can...
infographics-on-national-household-survey-2017Infographics on National Household Survey 2017 (Bangla) Click Here  
infographics-on-national-household-survey-2018Infographics on National Household Survey 2017 (English) Click Here  
2018-08-08-09-17-49দুর্নীতির বিরুদ্ধে একটি কার্যকর ও টেকসই সামাজিক আন্দোলন গড়ে তুলতে ট্রান্সপারেন্সি ইন্টারন্যাশনাল বাংলাদেশ (টিআইবি) ১৯৯৬ সাল থেকে কাজ করছে।...
governance-challenges-in-bangladesh-the-way-forward-volume-8Transparency International Bangladesh (TlB) has been working to create a social movement against corruption and to promote good governance...
2018-02-25-06-58-05ট্রান্সপারেন্সি ইন্টারন্যাশনাল বাংলাদেশ (টিআইবি) দেশব্যাপী দুর্নীতিবিরোধী চাহিদা ও সুশাসন প্রতিষ্ঠার সহায়ক পরিবেশ সৃষ্টির লক্ষ্যে নাগরিকদের সচেতন ও সোচ্চার করার...
strengthening-anti-corruption-agencies-in-asia-pacific Strengthening Anti-Corruption Agencies in Asia Pacific  
good-governance-in-bangladesh-challenges-and-way-forward-volume-7-bangla  Good Governance  in Bangladesh: Challenges and Way Forward, Volume-7