Active Citizens’ Group

Under the PACTA project, Active Citizen's Groups (ACGs) are established with the participation of service recipients from various government and private institutions, following a set policy. Each of the five working sectors in PACTA has an ACG with 11-12 members.

ACGs are representatives from community-based NGOs, civic organisations, professional groups, youth organisations, local community clubs, women's organisations, and others, with a focus on ensuring the participation of women and minority groups. ACGs play a vital role in identifying issues and providing information for their resolution through monitoring the organisation's service delivery in the community. ACGs carry out their activities with the support of relevant sub-committees of the CCC.

Goal of ACG

The objective is to enhance transparency and accountability in institutions that provide services at the grassroots level and to improve service quality through anti-corruption efforts, utilising the experiences of service recipients by engaging the local population in the anti-corruption movement.

Objectives of ACG

  • Collection of information on service delivery of local institutions in selected sectors and identification of problems;
  • Conduct evidence-based advocacy at the local level institutions to improve the quality of service;
  • Assist in raising anti-corruption awareness among service providers and service recipients and strengthen the culture of good governance in service providers at the local level.


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