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Climate Finance Governance Network, Bangladesh


A Brief on Climate Finance Governance Network (CFGN)


Context behind the formation of (CFGN) 

TIB has undertaken a new project titled Strengthening Transparency, Accountability and Integrity in Climate Finance Governance. The other participating countries in the project are Maldives, Kenya, Mexico, Peru and the Dominican Republic. The objective of this multi-country project, coordinated by the Transparency International Secretariat (TI-S), is to increase the capacity of the stakeholders for effective engagements, cooperate and contribute to climate finance policy formulation, implementation and governance, advocate for policy changes and oversight for transparency, integrity and accountability in the flow and use of funds, increasing local and global stakeholder capacities to engage to address implications of climate change in Bangladesh. Accordance with these objectives, the CFG Project of TIB has initiated Climate Finance Governance Network (CFGN) with other non-government organizations, individuals and networks working on or interested to work on the issues of ensuring transparency and accountability in climate finance, good governance and right based approach.

Major Objectives of the Network

  • Undertake joint advocacy actions for ensuring transparency, accountability, good   governance and stakeholder participation in the allocation and use of climate fund raised from national and international sources

  • Increase the capacities of the CFGN members

  • Attempting positive changes in local and national level on basis of the mutual exchange of information, knowledge and skills within the CsoPs

  • Take other joint relevant actions on basis of consensus among the CFGN members.

Ethics and Values of CFGN

CFGN members are committed to democracy, good governance, Justice, transparency, accountability, equity based participation and neutrality; committed to take stands against grouping and political influences, especially against the abuse of power, corruption and irregularities related to the management and uses of climate funds.

Membership: Any organization, individual or network committed to ensure transparency, accountability and good governance in climate finance that have respects upon the mentioned above ethics and values of TIB after passing through the specific steps of CFGN secretariat for member selection and signing the ToR of CFGN.

Structure of the network

  • Currently CFGN have 42 members. Among them, there are 29 organizations, 12 individuals and 1 network.

  • For the ease of operation and ensuring better coordination CFGN has been divided in 6 area based (Dhaka, Khulna, Shatkhira, Barisal, Potuakhali and Borguna) Communities of Practices (CsOPs[1]). CsOPs are responsible to perform under a Modus Operandi for CsOPs.  

    CFGN- Bangladesh would be linked to the Global Climate Finance Governance Networks

  • CFGN is coordinated centrally by the CFG project of TIB as the secretariat.

Financial Operations

Activities of the CFGN will be operated through cost sharing by both the CFG Project and contribution from members of CFGN.


[1]Communities of Practices (CsOPs) are specialized groups within CFGN who has been divided primarily on basis of working area and finally on basis of specialized skills and expertises of members. Each CsOP is coordinated by a CsOP Coordinator and one/two Joint Coordinator.


Relevant Documents:

  1. ক্লাইমেট ফাইন্যান্স গর্ভানেন্স নেটওয়ার্ক (সিএফজিএন) (PPT)
  1. List of CFGN Members
  2. Terms Of Reference of CFGN
  3. CsoP Operations Guideline
  4. CSO Position Paper
  5. CSO Position Bangaldesh CoP (PPT)